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Mercedes or Tesla? Who is going to mark beginning of Electric trucks?

When the rivalry is making marks on the roads, a week after Tesla announced its blue print of Electric car, Mercedes Benz made its mark for initiation of Electric trucks too, so who is going to be the winner here?

Later this week, Tesla announced its making of driver-less electric trucks that are soon going to hit the road. But while Tesla could grab all eyeballs with this announcement, Daimler(Parent company of Mercedes Benz) revealed one of the electric trucks they are planning to soon launch. In one of the Trade shows Daimler exhibited their light duty electric truck called as “eCanter” posing a competition to Tesla. Daimler is already ahead of its announcement and has tested the truck on roads of Portugal and Germany for about 37,000 miles.

The truck will also be appended with Tablet facility through which you can keep a track when do you need to re-charge the truck and how much battery life is left. Using batteries for electric cars is used keeping global environmental issues in perspective. Not only this but by virtual monitoring, you will also get to know the expected time when the ride will be completed, the weight carried on and if the truck can make it to the destination without recharging en-route. The truck will be equipped with 3 modes: Agile, Eco and auto. We always have auto mode turned on, turning to Eco mode ensures driver stays on target range and agile is for switching to power mode. It will also come with infotainment display to display truck driver’s route and information about the route, distance and speed. According to Mercedes, they are planning to replace the side mirrors with cameras and install display on the left side of the steering wheel.

Creating more buzz, Daimler is expected to mark their beginning exactly when Tesla has announced their mass production of trucks on road. They are planning to role out first sets of trucks in New York, Lisbon and Tokyo by the end of the year 2019. They know it is not a matter of present, but it is all about future and if you fail to execute soon, you will be in loss in the market shares. Now, this is something that needs all the attention as to who is going to make it big in the market?

Electric trucks

Daimler’s eCanter has supposedly tested to travel 100 km when its battery is fully charged while also carrying a cargo with weight of 2-3 tonnes. The battery can be easily charged within an hour if a DC charger of high power is used. Though it is difficult as there are limited batteries that can propel a large vehicle with load to ride for constant hours. They believe this will improve in the future, as battery tech is also improving over the years and can find better and quicker options to get the trucks charged.

Under estimating Elon’s power apparently, head of Daimler’s Truck Asia Mr. Marc quoted that this is one whole big process that is not only about building a consumer good but is more about dealership, maintaining infrastructure and manage maintenance. This is not Elon’s cup of tea alone, so they are least worried about Tesla’s similar launch.

We have all known the power of Elon Musk, that when he plans something he won’t let it go just that simply. We can expect great results from Tesla’s initiation too of Driver-less trucks by the year 2019.

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