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Lamborghini Aventador Pirelli Edition

Lamborghini fans, here’s some exciting news.

As the celebration of the New Year goes on, Lamborghini has a new and refreshing reason to celebrate. The recent partnership of Lamborghini with the tire manufacturer Pirelli is all the reason for the company to release the special edition of  Pirelli Aventador.

Both the Italian firms are known to have worked closely together in the past. In fact, let’s put it this way: Every Bull that has ragingly bolted with its respective galloping horses from Lambo’s manufacturing unit (in Sant’Agata Bolognese) has had the Pirelli shoes on them. The partnership began back in 1963 and ever since, the companies have worked closely together.

Besides the Italian origins that both companies share, there is also a constant quest for technological innovation that thrusts these companies ahead.

A very obvious piece of information is that the Aventador LP-700-4 is a limited edition bull. However, a few people with lady luck and the year 2015 in their favor will get to ride or in fact, even own this spectacular machine.

"Pirelli edition Lamborghini aventador"
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The Pirelli Edition Aventador will be offered in the choice of the coupe or roadster body style and will be produced in a special series. These Lambo’s should reach your garage by Summer-2015.


Apart from all the existing bells and whistles that the original LP-700 had, the Pirelli Limited Edition Lamborghini Aventador will feature some serious Tire-walloping equipment.

An aggressive 700 HP 6.5-liter V12 engine that comes along with paddle-shift transmission, push rod suspension will fire up the Lambo. It will also have the permanent all-wheel drive that the Aventador is famous for. The special Pirelli series is enhanced by exclusive equipment specifically designed by the Lamborghini Centro Stile.

Pirelli edition Lamborghini Aventador engine"
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The power train on this Limited edition beast provides 515 kW (700 hp) at 8.250 U/min and is combined with the ultra-fast ISR transmission. The powerful transmission enables -level performance for the Pirelli model: 0 to 100 km/h acceleration in just 2.9 seconds and top speed reaching 350 km/h.


The Limited Edition brutal-bull has a unique color scheme and details. The vehicle sports a two-tone color scheme in two options. The first option has a matte back for the roof, pillars, rear view mirrors, engine hood as well as the front, rear, side and moving air intakes, in contrast with six glossy finishes for the rest of the body. The body has 6 glossy colors available for the rest of the body; Giallo Spica, Rosso Mars, Bianco Isis, Nero Aldebaran, Grigio Liqueo, and Grigio Ater.

"Pirelli edition Lamborghini Aventador exterior"
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The second option of the Lamborghini-Aventador Pirelli Edition will have a glossy black finish for its upper parts. Parts such as the air intakes, in contrast with four matte finishes for the rest of the exterior will be available. The colors include Bianco Canopus, Nero Nemesis, Grigio Adamas, and Grigio Titans.

"Pirelli edition Lamborghini Aventador exterior"
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Another unique and distinctive element of the body is the thin red stripe that runs along the roof, rear view mirrors, and the outer profiles of the air intakes, a stylistic feature designed to evoke the unmistakable Pirelli branding.

The Pirelli Logo will appear in a ravishing red color and it will be visible at the start of the two roof lines and on the tires.

The exteriors will also include: Transparent engine hood, the engine compartment in carbon, glossy black Dione 20″/21″rims, P Zero tires with red logo and red calipers. The Rosso mars exterior will be available only in yellow color.

"Pirelli edition Lamborghini Aventador tires"
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Upholstered with a catchy and attractive black Alcantara with red contrast stitching, the Aventador Pirelli Edition is that temptation that is just too irresistible. The red striped that appear on the body have a continuation inside as well. The stripes appear and run along the interior ceiling as well as the seats. The Lamborghini and Pirelli crests are embroidered in red. The vehicle also has leather inserts that adorn the door panels as well as the sides of the seats. To top it off, each limited edition car will have a “Pirelli special series” plaque inside. Isn’t this the best limited edition car ever?

"Pirelli edition Lamborghini Aventador interior"
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Bottom Line:

Getting one of these beauties requires insane amount of luck and money. But, reading about this requires none. Various Lamborghini dealers are currently taking orders for the car. The units are being produced and should reach the respective owners garage by summer-2015. Apart from the Limited edition Aventador, the company is working on a new breed of its flagship super car. This new supercar might carry the SuperVeloce title and might be mightier than the existing bulls.

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