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LaMaserati – the stunning Hyper car from Maserati

When it comes to creating passion fueled works of art, few automakers compare to the Italians. Although the Maserati marque is unbeknownst to many, the name itself instills an image of majesty and elegance. Adjectives that justly describe the Italian car maker. While Maserati did have a huge fan following back in the early 20th century, the Italian marque’s history is now riddled with financial problems. However, the brand has since stabilized and is slowly regaining some of its lost glory.

ferrari laferrari
Based off the LaFerrari, the LaMaserati Is a Conceptual Visualization of the Next Big Supercar From the Italian Marque’s Stable

Since the first sale of the company back in 1937, Maserati has switched hands multiple times. Currently under Ferrari’s ownership, the Italian car maker has churned out some of its best models till date. Track ready cars such as the Gran Turismo MC Stradale showcased what the guiding light of the oldest team in F1 is capable of. The direct ownership by Ferrari has also given birth to the fastest Maserati till date: the MC12. Developed from one of Ferrari’s greatest, the Enzo, the MC12 showed the world what could possibly be one of the best combinations in automotive history: the engineering prowess of Ferrari and the passione of Maserati.

maserati mc12
The MC12 Was Maserati’s First Serious Attempt at a Supercar

Designer Mark Hostler has now rendered an imagining of what a LaFerrari based hypercar from Maserati would look like. Dubbed the LaMaserati, Hostler’s rendition of the hypothetical hypercar is an exhibition of ardor and beauty that Maserati is famous for. Sadly though, Mark Hostler’s concept is unlikely to ever hit production. The LaMaserati is an unofficial concept and will most likely never be green lit for development. However, that being said, it hasn’t stopped the designer from endowing the concept with some performance stats. The LaMaserati will come with the LaFerrari’s innards save for the F1 style KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System). The KERS system is a definitive piece of tech inside the LaFerrari that ushers in an era of hybrid hypercars. However, the LaMaserati goes old school by ditching the system for a lot more conventional petrol fueled horses. The loss of the electric system saves weight and the 6.3 L v12 has been tuned up to develop even more power to ensure the LaMaserati holds its own against the hybrid speed demons of today.

Maserati LaMaserati hypercar
Say Hello To The Maserati LaMaserati

While Ferrari’s LaFerrari evidently draws its design cues from the very pretty 458 Italia, Mark’s design philosophy is a radical departure from Maserati’s current design methodologies. In many ways, the LaMaserati’s development harks back to the MC12. Maserati’s first supercar, the MC12 too showed a stark change in design philosophy to ensure the company’s fastest remained the most distinctive.

Maserati LaMaserati rear
Rear View of the LaFerrari Based Maserati Supercar

The front end greets us with the tantalizing gaze of the hypercar’s LED headlights with the marque’s insignia mounted between the bonnet and the front splitter. Dropping conventional side mounted rear view mirrors, Mr. Hostler has adopted unique roof mounted antennaes. Over to the side, the hunkered down stance of the Maserati cements the notion that this concept is seriously fast. Similar to the Lamborghini Reventon, the new Maserati’s specially designed alloys funnel air into the car to keep the stonking V12 cool. Unlike the MC12, the LaMaserati is a one seater with a pod-like design. Staying true to Maserati heritage, the LaMaserati is a beautiful amalgam of white and blue; the manufacturer’s classic colours.

Maserati LaMaserati headlights
The LaMasearti’s Menacing Gaze Is a Sight to Behold

Over at the back a bit of Ferrari creeps in the form of the tail lamp design. However, the designer has adopted the circular taillight design and given it a bit of flair by integrating them via a longitudinally running strip of LEDs.

new maserati supercar
The LaMaserati Ditches Ferrari’s KERS System To Save Weight

While Mark’s design may never see the light of day, an Enzo based Maserati means there is some credibility in the idea of a LaFerrari based Maser. A stunning display from two of Italy’s finest will truly be a sight to behold. However, until the promised day, Mark’s rendition should keep our dreams preoccupied.

side view of Maserati LaMaserati
Although the Will Never Be Built, The Hyper car Would Be an Impressive Addition To The Italian Marque’s CV
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