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Kawasaki’s Insane Powered H2R Explored

How would you react if someone told you that he/she owns a vehicle that pumps out 300 bhp?? Without any second thoughts you would be like WOWW!! and yeah, you would then ask which car are they talking about. So much of  power being pumped out by a V6 or a V8 aint a big deal right? But recently what Kawasaki has built will surely change the above phenomena. After reading this post or maybe if you are already aware about what this post is about, you may ask “ 300 bhp! ...Is it a car or a motorbike?” That’s right, 300 bhp in a car is good. But in an Inline-4,Supercharged bike is not just good- it is badass and it is even more evil when it comes from a Japanese Bike maker. Presenting to you the world’s most fastest production bike – Kawasaki H2R.

Kawasaki H2R review   Kawasaki  has  emphasized on their  “Built Beyond Belief” motto for sure with their latest offering to the market. Not only with the power figures but also with the bike’s physical appearance , the product is definitely a wake up call for the entire motorcycle world. For years , the big players in the market have been rolling out products trying to touch the 200 bhp figure. But Kawasaki came in with a bang with a wild specification sheet . The most notable aspect of the bike is the supercharger which is built by Kawasaki Heavy Industries’ Gas Turbine and Machinery Co. Powered by an Inlin- 4 supercharged 998 cc liquid cooled engine which is expected to churn out 300 bhp, the H2R is for sure gonna give its rival Suzuki Hayabusa as well as its sibling ZX-14R a run for their money. Until the arrival of the new Kawasaki,  Hayabusa and ZX-14 were the super-sports, who have been dominating the motorcycle world with their performance on the drag strips and street as well. The duo have speed records of touching the 300Kmph mark on the speedo but the H2R can do much more than this.Talking about the speed, the console on the H2R is quite simple. Maybe Kawasaki has been following the Less fancy and More Muscle principle 😛
Kawasaki H2R Console   “Reflect on the outside what you are on the inside”- is a quote Kawasaki has taken way too seriously in designing the bike. With its monster power engine on the inside, the designers have been successful to give it a shape that goes well with the engine. One look at the beast and words like mean machine, aggressive and beast (BTW many more words will come to your mind but lets continue for now :P)  start playing in your mind. From what it seems from their latest offering to the market, Kawasaki is wanting to repeat what it had done in the 70’s. The Kawasaki H2R is somewhat related to the H2 2 stroke triple which was a beast at the time of its launch. With the black body and the Kawa green colored trellis frame, the aesthetic feel of the bike is mesmerizing. It is a perfect combination of aggression and art, simply said Beauty and the Beast.
Single Sided Swingarm - Kawasaki H2R review The single sided swingarm makes it look like a hyperbike; which it already is :P. The bike has sharp edges and looks quite devilish when viewed from some specific angles. It is equipped with racing slicks both in the front and rear.
H2R Front View   When viewed from the front, at first it seems the bike has got some badass black smoked headlamps . But we are wrong if we believe it. Those are actually air winglets for feeding air into the supercharger. Both the lower and upper winglets are carbon fiber and have aerodynamic significance.
Supercharger Winglets   Ever wondered why Hayabusa and ZX 14 have such long wheelbase? Long wheelbase complements high speed stability. The duo have speed records on straight asphalt patches but no one has ever heard about them setting records on a race track. Bearing all this in mind, the good people at Kawasaki have stepped ahead of them both. The Kawasaki H2R is meant to be a fast riding bike as well as a bike you could lean onto the tarmac with. So in order to fulfill both the purposes , they shortened the wheel base to make the bike more easy for maneuvering but at the same time to maintain high speed stability( which was other wise possible to achieve with a longer wheel base but at the cost of cornering abilities) they focused more on the aerodynamics.
Unfaired H2R with Supercharger The H2R is a revolutionary product by Kawasaki but what we as a street rider can get out of it is the H2- the street legal, down-powered ( lesser power compared to the H2R ) version of the H2R. Though the H2 may not be making 300, 200 bhp is being anticipated and honestly said; 200 for a street bike is way too awesome 😉 With the bike yet to be revealed completely,the exact specification figures are not yet available. Kawasaki is being a santa claus in this case and we being the kids eagerly waiting for Santa . So stay tuned to turbozens for updates on when this Santa will come with jingling bells.

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