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JUNGLEWORKS Uber Clone Script Review

Most of us would have never thought how difficult our lives would become when there is no taxi or cabs available to commute. Maybe this is because we are very much addicted to Uber and the way it has influenced our lives.

uber clone script

In a heavily populated country like India, public transport is a luxury very difficult to afford. When it comes to safety and security the public transportation system has utterly failed.

With the incredible success of Uber in establishing a multibillion-dollar global business, cab booking business has become a very lucrative one. Most of the mid-level companies are lured to venture into this business.

The competition is not only ferocious but also cutthroat. Many software companies have come forward to create an uber clone app that will not only help the business owners to have an affordable product but also a lot of options to choose from.

As a potential business owner, it is very important to look for a product that has unique functionalities and is easily customizable as per the needs.

What inspired Jungleworks to make an uber clone script?

Jungleworks is a market leader in developing mobile applications having a clientele that includes some of the most reputed companies in the world like KFC, DHL, Practo, McDonald’s among others. They have offices in India, Singapore, and the USA. The growing demand for uber clone app has made the company to launch their groundbreaking product. Their team of dedicated developers has put all the years of experience and effort into bringing this app to us.

What makes their app unique?

Tooken from Jungleworks is an incredible app. Let’s discover some of the cool features of tookan that make it different from all other uber clone scripts available in the market.

  • User Friendly UI : An user-friendly interface makes it easier to book a taxi in just a matter of few taps.
  • Communicate with Driver : A customer can know everything about a driver and can even interact with him with a built in support from the app.
  • Real time Tracking : With the help of google maps and GPS it is easy to track the route of the driver and also the location of the customer.
  • Feedback : Sometimes it becomes easier to know what the customer wants from the feedback that he gives. There is a provision of ratings and reviews where a customer can rate a driver and also the driver can rate a customer.
  • Simple Navigation System : The pickup and drop off location are beautifully shown with the help of google maps.
  • Trip Management : The trip management features include starting as well as ending the ride along with an integrated payment system.
  • Admin Panel : The dispatcher is integrated with the admin panel which makes it way easier to view and manage bookings, assign rides to drivers and live tracking of the driver’s status
  • Geoanalytics : The geographical analytics feature helps to manage taxi demands in distinct areas with optimised supply chain.
  • Notifications : The customers are instantly notified about the status of the ride via push notifications, emails and sms.
  • Advanced Fleet Management : This feature helps to automatically assign rides to the drivers based upon their availability and location.
  • Dynamic Pricing : There is a provision for dynamic price change based on some offers integrated within the app.

What are the customers saying?

“The team has been extremely responsive and always ready to help. Great experience so far ! – Khwaja Jaffer, SUNCART”

“Tookan’s development team have been extremely helpful in understanding our requirements and ensuring to improve the app based on our changing requirements – Archisman Das, PRACTO”

What else is needed?

There is no product that does not enhance or fine-tune over time. The enhancement is an essential feature of the evolution of the software. Many users have found some of the essential features to be missing in the software.

Let’s take a look at the additional features that would make the software complete and unrivaled.

  • Corporate Account : When you manage a huge business, sometimes there is a requirement of other resources like affiliate partners in a cab booking business. The affiliate partners are those who run their business through you. They supply resources on lease for your use. To handle that additional personnel there should be a feature called corporate account. The corporate account helps the admin to manage additional personnel in your business.
  • Wallet : The wallet is an essential feature nowadays in any kind of e-commerce system. A wallet helps the customers to credit money from their bank account and use it for booking rides on the app. This makes the customer have a cashless experience.
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