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Jaguar Virtual windscreen : Fantasy to Reality

If you are a need for speed guy or a guy who loves sci-fi films then this article will truly make your eyes pop out in excitement as you are about to read about a technology which you most often only come across in gaming and movies! Virtual windscreen is a totally new concept in technologies related to automotive industries but when it comes to movies and gaming they have already flaunted many gamer’s like myself – fantasize about this technology 🙂

Remember the BMW i-8 flash in the climax scene in Mission impossible 4 ? where Tom-Cruise gets into the BMW i-8 concept car and drive’s through Indian roads ? If you remember this scene you will remember how the car information is shown on i-8 windscreen which includes the speed, rotation per second, target distance, maps etc. Also you might have seen this in the i-robot movie, where Will Smith has a car that can actually understand him. Many people think about it as a fantasy but now it is becoming  reality as Tata Motors owned Jaguar flaunts such new technologies in their Jaguar Land Rover projects.

Jaguar Virtual Windscreen

Jaguar Land Rover projects:

One of the world’s most renowned car manufacturers of all time Jaguar confirms its commitment to research and development in the UK, with a million pound investment in this new technology, and the innovations/research happening at the University of Warwick is pushing this particular project which is to be called as the Jaguar Land rover project. Jaguar has unveiled the details of its future plans which will now be focused on inventing new technologies and their investments are in order to find totally new cutting-edge designs to support it. As a part from this project the automobile giant has unveiled these bleeding edge technologies.

So, they have introduced their new virtual windscreen screen system and a smart assistant!

Virtual windscreen system:

This system turns the entire windscreen into a huge display where it can display the information regarding the car which includes speed, rotation per second, Instructions, navigation information by projecting images onto the windscreen. It will improve the driving experience, not only on the road but also on the race track as there will be interesting indications on the screen which notifies the driver, the point where the break should be pressed and when it can be released as well !

Infact, Jaguar has also released a video explaining this feature:

Smart Assistant:

Smart assistant is a feature which can actually be able to understand the owner according to their profile which is saved by a new technology called self-learning intelligence. In this, the car automatically learns the owners preferences such as their seat adjustments, songs which are his favorite, remainders etc. ( by learning them through daily bases and saving them in to a form of profiles ). These profiles are set to the user’s mobile phone and when the user gets into the car with his mobile it actually senses the phone and sets the factors of the car such as the preferred song, cabin temperature according to that profile and such. Here the mobile phone acts like a bridge in between owner and the car. You can also get alerts and notifications on your phone when you need to leave for an appointment based on pulse of the traffic on the way to your office, and this service can automatically message colleagues when you’re running late on the road for that particular appointment. Hence they even call this a self-learning car!

Jaguar has released a video explaining this feature:

As we know that the mobile giants are already in the competition, when it comes to automobile technologies as apple has recently unveiled its Carplay technology and Google at the same time introduces its new automobile technology called as Android Auto these may soon be battling it out. But when it comes to virtual windscreen jaguar has made a big step as it has some distinctive smart features which are quite better than these two technologies.


These technologies can for sure create a renaissance in automotive industry and with these distinctive features jaguar can achieve greater heights in automobile manufacturing. As for gamer’s and movie lovers like us, we can feel happy as the fantasy is now to turn a reality. Jaguar is also planning to work on gestures so the user can stop using their hands in order to drive the car. If this happens – driving a car will become more fun !

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