Hyundai Super Bowl commercial 2015 – an overview

Its Hyundai (just like Sunday)

Hyundai is one of the most trusted automobile brands world wide, its car’s are affordable, safe and driver friendly. While competitors like Suzuki Honda, Toyota found unique ways of advertising their brands at the Super Bowl with their creative commercials, Hyundai found its leeway through a unique method of advertising. The commercials from Hyundai are fun to look at and definitely deserve to be watched. Here are a few Ads that made it to the Super Bowl and directly to the hearts of the viewers.

Watch these Ads and don’t forget to smile 🙂  ….while we await the Hyundai Super Bowl commercial 2015

8. Angry Bosses:

Yeah, they are annoying and they always find a reason to take you down. Conference rooms, lobby’s, parking lots, they take you  all the way to humiliation-station. And what do you do apart from cussing and hoping that your boss gets diarrhea? Well, you watch this Hyundai commercial. Although, it will not help you in any way, you can at least relate to the trauma of facing your bald-headed boss and find some solace.

This Hyundai Super Bowl commercial shows aggressive bosses from brands like Lexus and BMW showing their aggression towards Hyundai on winning an award for its top performing car named Genesis. Taking a direct hit at the competitors, this is a smartly designed commercial.

Have a look.

7. Sheep:

Part of a flock, scavenging around aimlessly? That is the condition of most car buyers, well at least most of them. This  31 second commercial from Hyundai is focused towards changing your mindset and changing your perspective from the obvious envy that you might have on your neighbor’s car (or wife) and settling down with something more unique and lively.

The Hyundai Elantra commercial makes a subtle comparison with most car buyers and relating them to sheep. Yet another Ad that you might not want to miss( until we check out the Hyundai Super Bowl commercial 2015 )

6. Excited:

Wouldn’t it exciting if you paid half or 1/4th of the amount on buying yourself a Mercedes or a Porsche (a new one pf course)

But, in reality that will never happen. But, would it make you feel good if you get all the same features (in fact better) and speed than a Mercedes or a Porsche by paying just 1/2 the price?

Presenting Hyundai’s Excited commercial that shows you the facts of the performance of the car along with the excitement of owning one( for sure we can expect a spectacular Hyundai Super Bowl commercial 2015 )

5. Don’t Tell:

Secrets are usually good, especially when they are kept from a husband/wife. The following Ad from Hyundai revolves around a couple and their kids. The husband does all possible things with his kids that he would avoid when the wife is around, he also tells the kids not to tell their mom. The wife is shown on the other half doing the same kinds of things and asking the kids not to tell the husband.

This Hyundai Santa Fe commercial is quite a family oriented commercial with a hint of humor, a hint of excitement and a whole lot of family bonding. This is again, a very good Ad that proved its worth at the 2013 Super Bowl( just cant wait to check out the Hyundai Super Bowl commercial 2015 )

4.  Stuck:

When you are driving on a smooth road, it does make you want to accelerate towards the front. It is not a bad thing to do so, especially when the traffic rules are followed carefully by everyone.

This commercial from Hyundai is something you will find mostly on Indian roads, Overtaking. Although, Indians risk everything to overtake, this commercial urges the driver to be ahead. This commercial was designed for Americans and fits in quite well. Had it been designed for India, it would have been the story of everybody’s life.

Anyways, watch this Hyundai Super Bowl commercial and enjoy overtaking on American roads.

 3. Team:

Bullying is not such a good thing, this Ad shows us exactly what happens when you are bullied and asked to bring a team.

A nice Hyundai Super Bowl commercial that goes against bullying and also advertises Hyundai’s Santa Fe. Most of the Hyundai car commercials have good amount of humor, excitement, and the zest that a viewer should expect out of a Super Bowl commercial.

Watch as a young guy assembles his team to challenge the bully’s team to a game of football. The young guy has some of the strongest and meanest looking dudes on his side. Guess who wins?

2. Success and Business:

Hyundai takes a funny detour with the concept of death. A guy and his boss (dad) are shown driving on an empty road, the boss tells his son that success and business comes down to one word and suddenly closes his eyes. The baffled guy is clueless and so, he revs the car and applies a sudden brake. The boss who had his seat belt on takes on the jerks directly to his heart, like he was getting a jot of life. To the driver’s joy, the boss (dad) opens his eyes and continues with the success and business line. This is a great way to promote the 348 HP producing Genesis from Hyundai ( for sure we can expect a more trendy model sported in the Hyundai Super Bowl commercial 2015 )

1. Dad’s are Awesome:

Safety is the utmost priority for a dad. The dad inflicts damage but does not allow his child to get hurt. The very same concept is applied to the all new 2015 Hyundai Genesis. Being tagged as the safest car on earth, the 2015 Hyundai Genesis is one of the Best cars ever made and has caught the attention of various competitors. A must watch commercial, watch and enjoy. 🙂

…and while we await the Hyundai Super Bowl commercial 2015, take a look at the Super Bowl car commercial list

Hyundai Super Bowl commercial 2015

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