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Faceoff: Hyundai Grand i10 vs Maruti Suzuki Celerio

The Maruti Suzuki Celerio is a car that amassed a huge following even before it had been launched or was even officially unveiled. India’s first Automated Manual Transmission-  this tag was enough to make the Celerio talk of the town. A manual gearbox which behaves like an automatic; everyone wanted to know what sorcery was behind this ingenuous technology. There were many car makers of international renown showcasing some of the swankiest cars in the industry at the 2014 India Auto Expo, but it was the Celerio that drew the largest, most raucous crowd.

The Hyundai Grand i10 is a car which entered the Indian market with an illustrious short history of being a hit in the European market and being the recipient of many awards behind it. It is so rich in features and high on performance that very few can compete with it on paper. However, real-world conditions bring a different side to every car. So here’s a look at how the Maruti Celerio stacks up against the Hyundai Grand i10.

hyundai grand i10


The Hyundai Grand i10 is clearly much larger than the Celerio in almost every aspect, except for the height. The Grand i10 possesses a very classy and modern appearance and is the more appealing of the two cars. The Celerio  takes after the likes of the Alto, Estilo and A-Star, and seems to combine the various design elements these cars sport. There isn’t much to differentiate the Celerio from the rest of the company’s portfolio in the design department. When compared with the Grand i10, it seems to be outdated given the manner in which it is reminiscent of the Maruti models of yesteryear.

Hyundai Grand i10: 4

Maruti Suzuki Celerio: 3

 Hyundai grand i10 interiors


The Celerio comes with an attractive interior design which is more or less similar to what is offered on other Maruti models. Despite being above average on the interiors front, the Celerio simply doesn’t stand a chance against the Grand i10. The Hyundai Grand i10 comes with a fully loaded interior package which includes a 1 GB storage for multimedia, push button start, rear AC vents, electrically adjusted rear view mirror, rear parking sensors and much more.The Hyundai also trumps the Maruti Celerio in terms of quality of its interior and the impact it has on the drive experience. The Celerio being a bit taller than the Hyundai Grand offers a good amount of head room. However, due to  its improper rear spacing there is insufficient leg room for passengers at the back.

Hyundai Grand i10: 4.5

Maruti Celerio: 3.5

maruti celerio red


It isn’t just on features and equipment that the Grand i10 is way ahead. Hyundai’s premium hatch also takes the cake when it comes to performance parameters. The Celerio works on a 998cc engine called K-Next by Maruti. The grand is powered by a 1.2 L engine with VTT. Their engines are simply incomparable. The Hyundai Grand has a peak power output of of 83 PS and offers a torque of 119Nm. On the other hand, the Maruti Celerio produces 67 PS and 90 Nm torque. Another major drawback of the Celerio is its light weight. Due to this it produces a lot of vibration in its gear handle, steering wheel and the seats. The auto gear shift version in the New Maruti Celerio is the only advantage which the Celerio poses over Hyundai Grand i10. The Hyundai hatchback uses a 4-speed automatic gearbox compared to Celerio’s 5-speed manual one.

Hyundai Grand i10: 4.5

Maruti Celerio: 3.5

side Maruti Celerio


Finally a point under which Maruti has an opportunity to come off looking the better of the two cars . Maruti claims a mileage of 23.1 kmpl on the Celerio, even for its automatic manual gearbox version. This is where the Celerio grabs an edge over the Hyundai Grand i10. The Hyundai Grand has a mileage of 18.9kmpl, considerably below what is offered by the Celerio.

The Hyundai Grand i10 is set at a price of Rs 4.29 lakh to Rs 6.4 Lakhs. The Celerio is much better suited to the budget minded and its price ranges from Rs. 3.76 to 4.79 Lakhs.

Hyundai Grand i10: 3.5

Maruti Celerio: 4


After going through all the specifications of both the cars, it is easily understood that the Maruti Celerio fails to pose a serious threat to the new Hyundai Grand i10. Maruti has focused a lot of its energy on the AMT and the other facets of the car that seem to have been neglected in the process. A smaller budget is the only thing that is going to keep buyers in the segment from choosing the Celerio over the Grand i10. For those looking to make a purchase in the segment, it is advisable to wait and save up for the Grand i10. Be it features or handling and performance, the Hyundai hatch offers a superior experience.

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