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With a lot of money at stake and an ever increasing demand for cars, it has become mandatory for major car manufacturers to provide something more substantial, something more cutting edge in shortsomething like the Hyundai Genesis. Luxury has become a commonality. Safety is what brings us closer to experiencing a good drive. The Hyundai Genesis (2015), a mid size sedan would definitely entice the world with its top notch high end features and the security to keep you assured.


Luxury cars are growing traditional and clichéd. With a lot of money at stake, the buyer has certainly a hangar of cars to choose from. The buying decision lies in the most intricate details [Wife for those who are married 😉 ] Apart from the design aesthetics, Technology is also essential when it comes to buying a car.

Hyundai Genesis 2015
Hyundai Genesis 2015
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With the word safety being thrown around, I am “safely” going to cut to the chase and analyze all the features that Hyundai proudly flaunts.

Hyundai Genesis-Other Word for Safety! Check the Video below:


Auto Braking System:

With unreliable traffic and uncertain roads, the chances of colliding your car with another seem probable. However, Hyundai has equipped the new Genesis with an Automatic braking feature that works in coordination with inbuilt cameras as well as the radar sensors that detect any obstacle. You might not be able to view anything while driving your car during foggy conditions, but the genesis works with its “spidey like senses” that detect any obstacle. Even if the driver shows signs of giving up before a catastrophic accident, as a last resort the Genesis applies its full braking force to stop the car.

Lane Departure Warning & Lane Keep Assist feature:

Moving on and crossing lanes in a traffic-flooded road can definitely require trained hands and judgment skills. The Genesis features its Lane Assist Feature that comes in handy by automatically detecting the driver’s difficulty while trying to shift to another lane and provides gentle handling capability to the driver. If the vehicle slips out of the current lane, the Haptic Feedback System will take care of such hassles and allows the vehicle to get back on track.

Blind Spot Detector and Rear Cross Traffic Alert System:

With its radar system, the Genesis easily detects blind spots that are very dangerous and it notifies the driver with its audio and video

Cruise Control:

Cruise worry free with the all-new cruise control system that automatically adjusts your cruising speed. It also adapts to the speed of the car going in front of you. What’s cool is that the car will completely come to a halt and start again even with the absence of a driver.

LCD Safety Display

The Genesis also comes with a heads up display and another 7-inch LCD color Display, providing vital information like the driver’s line of sight, the navigation speed, the Blind spot detection etc.

Hyundai Genesis camera safety
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HID Headlight assist feature:

One major cause of verbal abuse on Indian roads is the usage of the “dimmer-dipper” while driving at night. However careless you are or the other driver might be, the Genesis shows its road safety manners quite amicably. The dimmer and dipper are adjusted automatically when a car is detected in front of you.

Air Bags:

Hyundai has been quite magnanimous with its Air bag facility in the Genesis, gracing all the passengers with an Air bag each, providing a breath taking 9- Air bags. What’s really cool in addition is that the driver is provided with a knee airbag too.

Hyundai Genesis Air bags safety
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Smart Trunk:

The car might have seemed as smart as your phone but Hyundai took the safety features to newer levels. Even the trunk of the Genesis is smart. Imagine you are out with your wife or girlfriend (irrespective) after a thrilling shopping experience; odds are that both your hands would be full (with shopping bags)and the Hyundai Genesis is one friend that you can rely on. Once you are done shopping and move close to the car’s trunk (approx 3 ft) and stay for 3 seconds or so, the trunk would automatically open. Quite a relief isn’t it ?(Don’t get your hopes high, I was talking about placing only the shopping bags in the trunk and not the reason for those bags 😛 )

Hyundai Genesis boot trunk
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C02 Sensor:

No other car has this technology. The genesis is the world’s first car that has an inbuilt C02 sensor. While driving, any car would absorb Carbon Dioxide. The sensors built in the Hyundai Genesis detect the Carbon Dioxide and thereby activates the car’s ventilation to intake ample amount of fresh air.

Tyre Pressure Sensor:

Hyundai Genesis indicates which tyre is running low on air and needs refilling.


Hyundai Genesis comes in variants such as:

Genesis 3.8 and 5.0

The 3.8 Ltr V6 engine model has 311-horse power at 6000RPM and has a Gasoline Direct Injection System. It comes with an 8-speed auto transmission system with an all wheel drive option. The 5.0 L v8 Engine model comes with a 420 hp engine at 6000 RPM with a Gasoline Direct Injection System and a Tuned Intake System. The 5.0 L also comes with an 8-speed auto transmission.  Built with 18-inch premium alloy wheels, Hyundai Genesis comes equipped with 13.6-in power assisted ventilated disc (4 piston) front brakes, and 12.4 –in solid disc (1 piston) rear brakes. The 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels are a tad sturdier in the 5.o L model. The rear view mirror comes with compass and auto dimming capability. Also, the Genesis comforts the driver with ventilated seats that come with power bolsters and cushion extenders for that extended comfort.The Lexicon Surround sound that is supposedly one of the most premier brands is locked and loaded in the Hyundai Genesis, with 7, 14 and 17 speakers.

The exteriors include projector headlights with LED light accents, Automatic rain sensors, automatic defogging windshields with humidity sensors, proximity key entry and water repellent glass acoustic laminated windshields . Steering wheel mounted cruise controls, Audio controls, paddle shifters forms the nice interior of the car.

Hyundai Genesis interiors

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The Hyundai Genesis comes at a price ranging between US$ 37,825-51,500 (Rs.22lakhs-31lakhs) However, the expected price in India is around 35 lakhs.

Bottom Line:

“Safety is the new Luxury”

Sure, it might not hold the luxury tag like BMW, Mercedes, and Audi. But, the new Hyundai Genesis surely defeats these luxury rivals with its own class and distinctive features!

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