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HUMMER Vehicles: An Overview

When can one get a  feeling of dominance, power, strength, rigidity and the confidence of going through any obstacles whether it is on-road or off-road? You can get that feel with “HUMMER SUV’s” (Superior Utility Vehicles). The HUMMER with its image of a destroyer has attracted civilian, military people and also the movie makers to show this fascinating vehicle for completing their action filled movies. We will go through the brief history of HUMMER, various passenger Hummers , military applications and usage of Hummers in movies. The first Civilian Hummer was designed by AM General, a heavy motors manufacturing company based in United States. They won the bid for supplying military SUV’s to US Army, aka Humvee. General Motors purchased the brand name “HUMMER” and started selling the various  models. HUMMER CIVILIAN VEHICLES: HUMMER has introduced various vehicles for civilian application from its inception. It includes H3, H3T, H3X, H3 AlPHA and  H2.

  • HUMMER H3:  A mid-size SUV, based on GMT 355 platform and is no longer in production. The vehicle lived upto its 4×4 off-road reputation. It was made with a fully welded steel frame , 9.7 inches of ground clearance with full undercarriage protection.
2007 Hummer H3 review
HUMMER H3 (Source:
  • HUMMER H3T:  An off-road pick up mainly made for adventure rides in which you just need to get in and then go anywhere. The vehicle is enabled with front and rear differential locks. It allows you to keep everything behind and go wherever you want.
Hummer H3T
HUMMER H3T (Source:
  • HUMMER H3X:  A HUMMER SUV inspired from the urban driving along with off-road capabilities which everyone expect from HUMMER. A classic SUV which is available only in limited numbers after the production ended.
Hummer H3X
HUMMER H3X (Source:


  • HUMMER H3 ALPHA: This vehicle was part of the HUMMER “Performance Series” with a 5.3L V8 engine. The vehicle was known for its interior comfort and off-road capability. Thus it was a perfect combination of off road and luxury.


  • HUMMER H2: This vehicle was equipped with features like Panic Brake Assist and Stability Control System which ensured the safety aspects of the passenger in rough and adverse conditions
Hummer H2 black
HUMMER H2 (Source:

MILITARY APPLICATIONS: AM General manufactures four wheel drive HMMWV (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle) for military applications.  You can see the HMMWV (Humvees)  every time with U.S troops across the globe and even in case of any relief work during Hurricanes and floods.They have taken the roles initially being performed by the jeeps. These vehicles are being produced since 1985 and today they have evolved a lot. The design meets the requirement of military which wants durability and mobility. Today most of the components are updated with corrosion resistance to allow smooth running in harsh conditions. The vehicles are powered by a 6.5 litre diesel engine with a gross vehicle weight of 121,00 lbs. The HMMWV seats four with an enclosed metal cabin. The vehicles are made light weight by using Aluminum for chassis construction. An all wheel drive vehicle with independent suspension which help in the off-road conditions. The ground clearance is around 410 mm for easily surpassing the obstacles. Brake disc are installed in board of the vehicle at the differential output ends.  The vehicles can achieve a top speed of 70 kmph.


A2 series HMMWV includes an improved steering column, new rear seats,  better front and rear cross members reinforcements, improved heater system and an advanced air cleaner for no power loss in unfavorable conditions. A2 series HMMWV comes in a wide range of military applications some of which involves ambulances, cargo /troop carrier, Shelter Carrier, Missile Carrier. Reliability Enhanced HMMWV takes them to a new level of performance, durability and reliability. These vehicles are made to go past through the difficult conditions of South West Asia. Reliability Enhancement involves features like Geared fan drive, Rear Differential Cooler, Power Steering Pump, Dedicated parking brake  and Increased load rating of wheels.

Hummer shelter
HMMWV with shelter body (Source:

HUMMER IN MOVIES: Usage of HUMMER in action thrilled movies has made it more popular in public. The scenes of HUMMER  destroying cars, walls shows the dominance of such vehicles on road. Even in military theme based movies, the HUMMER  tackling through various terrains, with attached combat power and its classic design ,all make it worth to watch. HUMMER has been used in many Hollywood  movies some of which are : One night at the Museum,  Gone in 60 seconds, Never Back Down and Fast & furious series. HUMMER  makes the action more interesting and also provides the movie wallpaper with HUMMER on it.

BOTTOMLINE: HUMMER vehicles have come up as the king of SUV’s in terms of durability and  dominance characteristics. These vehicles are made to run anywhere and anyone can take it. They have been the backbone for US Army troops in tackling difficult war conditions. In movies, they have come up with the most fascinating action scenes.

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