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2014 Honda Acura NSX- an Overview

Today I am going to review about a car which was showcased in Marvel’s super hit Hollywood flick “Avengers”. Yes you got it right, the new Acura NSX 2014. This car appeared at the end of the film(driven by Robert Downey .JR ). Acura is the luxury division of Honda and the new Acura NSX is a hybrid electric sports car which was based on the Original Acura NSX that was produced in the year 1991-2005. In the 2005 the NSX model production was ended due to some lag in safety and reliability issues of this model. Since then, many around the world are waiting to see the comeback of this NSX series with enhanced features. After about 7 years of continuous experimentation on the performance and safety issues, Honda has finally called for the re-entry of the NSX series again. After much expectation, hype, and spy photos from Nuremburg ring ( during its testing ),  Honda has finally unveiled the new NSX at the 2012 North American Auto Show and then followed by Geneva and Tokyo Motor shows in the same year.

After unveiling the concept, Honda is now planning to make this prototype to a production model and this model will be hitting the roads by the end of 2015.

Below is the model which was shown in Avengers

Honda Acura NSX in Avengers

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Technical specifications:

The technical specifications are quite impressive and certainly has the ability to deliver high amount of power to this car.

2014 Honda Acura NSX specs

Review: Styling


The all new NSX has a major range of exterior enhancements when compared to the old NSX series cars (due to the long time gap) and the enhancements in design have certainly delivered an amazing external appeal to this car. The front and rare designs, side profile headlights and tail-lights all are very new and looks amazing and perfectly placed. Sporty and Sexy are the two words to describe the car exterior. When it comes to front looks, the carbon black grille at the front occupies a large amount of space and is fitted with a “V” shaped chrome coated metal rig. To this the fog lamps are attached on both left and right side. From the front angle, it throws the look of a laughing beast. The rear profile is descent and good. It’s also 3.3 inches wider and 0.4 inch lower when compared to the old 2005 NSX. Overall the car exterior is quite good and can truly maintain the legacy of the NSX forever.

2014 Honda Acura NSX exterior


As far as the interiors is concerned, NSX was designed on the “Human Support Cockpit” theme. The details regarding this new Human Support Cockpit theme was revealed by the company in the 2013 Detroit Auto Show. Jon Ikeda (chief designer, Acura Design Studio) stated that they are insistent about delivering on the “Synergy between man and machine,” . Hence the interior is given a smart and human friendly look ( so the car doesn’t look like a machine at all ). The interiors are designed with a mend of both red leather and Alcantara which gives this car a ravishing red color that looks quite amazing. The leather work on both dashboard, seats and steering looks quite luxurious and also very trendy. Carbon fiber cased central consoles, bucket seats, LCD display, Central control, AC-vents and audio system are neatly in place. The middle of the dash is equipped with an infotainment system which shows the information of the car. Other features are yet to be confirmed as the car hasn’t reached the productive stage yet.

Honda Acura NSX Interior

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Review: Engine & Performance

The new NSX is powered by a 3.7L DOHC 24-valve V-6 and 2 electric motors at front and 1 rear electric motor. During the initial design phase, the car was said to have a V-10 engine layout, but at the end it was replaced by the V-6 engine with direct injection. The NSX V6 engine can deliver higher amount of power output ( about 400bhp ) and the Electric motors produces prodigious torque instantly for higher performance rates. Both of these combined, the car can produce monstrous power that can enable the car to reach higher speed within less time. It can reach 0-60 MPH in just 3 second. The Seven Speed twin clutch auto transmission helps to produce a balance rate of power to this car with the help of the engine.

Honda Acura NSX engine

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Review: SH-AWD (Super Handling All Wheel Drive)

Have you observed that I have stated total 3 motors on both front and back? why? This car works on a new “All-Wheel Drive” system. The car is powered by a new technology named as SH-AWD, short for Super Handling All Wheel Drive. The engine, along with the main electric motor will primarily drive the rear wheels and the rat motor powers the rear wheel’s rotation. So, all 4 wheels in the car rotate at same time. This is done to increase the handling and stability of this car and due to this the car has certainly improved when it comes to aspects like handling, and cornering.


This car has many rivals starting from BMW to Lexus and Porsche to Nissan, but the considerable rivals for this car are Lexus LFC and i8. Apart from these, the cars from Porsche and Nissan will also compete.

  • Lexus-LFC
  • BMW i8
  • Nissan GTR
  • Porsche 911
  • Lamborghini Gallardo

2014 Honda Acura NSX

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Although the price is not yet officially confirmed by the company (as the car is still not reached its production stage), but as far the speculation from trusted sources, the car is said to be priced at $130,000 (base price). That seems a pretty decent price for a monster of a car like this 🙂

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