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Rigid Dump Truck by Hitachi

Have you ever seen trucks used in areas like mining ,dumps and construction? I will let you know about some world class rigid dump trucks  from Hitachi. Rigid dump trucks are entirely different from the trucks we see in our day to day life. These machines are huge and are made for carrying heavy loads in mining, construction and dump areas with the use of attached hydraulic excavators. Even the height of the tires are bigger than a human. They can be seen in coal handling areas, stone mining areas etc. where huge payloads needs to be transported.

Hitachi has 12 models of rigid dump trucks in the market under the company named Hitachi Construction Truck Manufacturing Ltd. Various models differ mainly on their load carrying capacities and also work area.The company has an excellent record for performance and least failures. These trucks have to go through the worst off-road conditions and now Hitachi has come up with latest updates in comfortability and serviceability features. Here we will go through one of the Rigid dump trucks by Hitachi and the latest updates Hitachi has come up with.

EH 1100-5: A rigid Dump Truck:

Among its 12 models, EH 1100-5 is one of the rigid dump truck model. It is powered by a  Cummins QSKTTA60-CE engine which gives an enormous 760 hp required to carry out the movement of heavy loads. It is limited to a maximum speed of 58 kmph. The extreme road conditions do not allow the high speeds and thus steady loading and un-loading is usually followed with standard practices. Their nominal payload capacity is around 63500 kg. Heavy load carrying capacity demands for a strong, durable and reliable chassis for the operations. The chassis involves a fabricated box section and rectangular frame rail to withstand bending and torsional loads. The frames are welded using robots for ensuring higher quality. Additional stiffeners are added to increase the toughness of the body.

hitachi rigid Dump Truck
EH1100-5 : Rigid Dump Truck by Hitachi (Source:

With increasing complexities in the working conditions and also exposure of driver to harsh conditions, has made Hitachi to introduce new updates which will improve comfort ability and serviceability features. Now we will go through the latest updates in the new version of EH 1100-5.

hitachi rigid Dump Truck
Rigid Dump Truck in Action(Source:


Considering the tough conditions in which these truck works, Hitachi decided to update them in terms of operator comforts, improving service ability, more payload carrying capacity and also remote monitoring of the trucks. It is equipped with a 10 inches LCD screen for the operator to understand different operations and also allows usage of rear view camera for the operator. Several languages have been installed in the LCD for allowing the operator to understand properly and also do effective troubleshooting. Safety has been given high priority with inclusion of two safety features. One is the ROPS ( Roll over protection structure) for operator’s cabin and the other is the three point seat belts.

A hand rail in the front provides better visibility to the operators during haul road operations. There is lot of noise in their work areas and thus to make it comfortable for the driver, provision for special sound cab material and exhaust modifications has been done. With such huge machines, servicing becomes a tedious task if the components are not at the right place. Hence many steering and brake valves have been re-positioned from the mid frame to the service deck for easier troubleshooting. Batteries have been shifted to the front bumper for ground level access.  Within North America, only Cummins QSK23 engine is available but for other markets MTU Series 2000 engines are also available.

hitachi latest rigid Dump Truck
Latest version of EH 1100-5 by Hitachi (Source:

The body has been redesigned to take up to 70 tonnes of payload. Hitachi has added brake surface area to improve braking in wet conditions. Active traction control system allows smooth running of trucks in wet and muddy conditions. This improves handling and also increases production. Remote monitoring has become an important tool for observing these trucks as they works on sites away from cities and population. It consists of a DLU( Data Logging Unit) for remote monitoring through satellite and Wi-Fi. A new feature of speed limit has also been introduced depending on the customer requirements. This would help in maintaining speed of fully loaded trucks in the downhill.


These trucks are not under production like commercial trucks we see as they are made for special purposes. They make gigantic tasks at mining sites look much easier. Efficiency of these vehicles directly reflects on the production at sites. They belong to very large mass automotive categories made using high strength material and various other technologies. Caterpillar is one of the other manufacturers and is a pioneer in this segment. They employ their own Engines for these trucks.

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