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The Joy of listening to a Harley roar by is almost as hearing the heavens. Harley Davidson Motors have introduced plenty of these roaring beasts globally. But, this Harley Davidson motorbike has made a grand comeback. Read and cherish¬†ūüôā

It looks like a shark and roars like a tiger, The Harley Davidson Road Glide is making its come back (just like jaws returns) with a year’s hiatus from producing the Road Glide, 2015 seems like a fruitful year for Harley Davidson after all.

Harley Davidson Road Glide
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Post, the discussions and inputs from customers from the Rushmore development effort project, the company plans to launch two versions of the Road Glider. A continuation of the 2014 Street Glide and a special Road Glide (2015) which sports various newly added features.


The new models that are to roll out in 2015 are going to possess Harley’s Blood and soul. A High Output Twin Cam 103 V-twin mated to the Speed Cruise Drive Transmission. (One can just imagine the sound it would produce)

The 2015 Harley Glide is going to feature a sharper body that has been specially designed and a front mount that resembles a shark‚Äôs nose. The reason behind it is simple; the triple slipstream vent built on the Road Glide would reduce head buffering and wouldn’t allow the fast blowing air to hinder with the rider.

The 1690 cc High Output Twin Cam 103 engine with a 9.7:1 ratio, comes with an Integrated Oil-Cooler. All of this comes wrapped up in a black Chrome Cover (just makes your heart Melt) The hydraulic clutch actuation system adds to the joy of biking, so does the electronically assisted cruise control and a low cost, low maintenance belt drive.  It has Push operated valves, over head valves, 3 Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection System (ESPFI) a pressurized lubrication system with dry sump oil cooler.

The Road Glide special performs better than ever, the engine produces 142 Nm torque at 3250 RPM, and also helps you tour easily without having to worry much about the fuel consumption. The fuel consumption is pretty decent that gives you 42 Miles per gallon (5.6 litres for 100kms)

Also newly introduced are the new and fresh looking eyes on the 2015 Glide. The Harley bike would arrive with Dual Daymaker Reflector LED headlamps. Better vision and easy visibility.


If you own this bike, you would certainly want to go touring. Harley has introduced various Touring amenities for the wanderlust in you. A few amenities include:

One Touch Hard Saddle Bags, Cruise Control, Adjustable Air- Rear Suspension, new and effective ergonomic hand controls and a new design with a tactile feel. The Road Glide 2015  also comes with a Boom Box (impressive right) 6.5 GT infotainment System, a GPS navigation system, Reflex Linked Brakes with ABS and also a hand adjustable low profile rear suspension. (now that is what I call a touring bike)

Harley  Davidson Road Glide 2015
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USA is known for passionate riders and Harley enthusiasts. ‚ÄúRoad Glide has always had an incredibly passionate following, which is why its return to the model line-up is existing for our customers and our company‚ÄĚ says Matt Levatich, President and COO; Harley Davidson Motor Company.


The Road Glide 2015 has a new look and feel altogether making it a worthy comeback and Harley Davidson motors aren’t going to let this bike roll out that easy (well, not without loading it with fully)

Harley Davidson ROAD GLIDE 2015
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Starting from a premium paint job available in various color options, the Glide is certainly going to brighten up the roads. The body is made in a Wind tunnel tested environment and hence, the shark nose comes into picture. It also has low smoke windshields and a newly designed inner fairing. For the music lover in you, Harley has added a Boom Box 4.3 audio system with 2 speakers, a dedicated Jukebox media compartment with USB connection and a touch assist door.


Price is the main factor that determines the riders from the viewers.

Harley Davidson Glide is priced differently according to colors and features too:

The Vivid Black Harley Road Glide would cost around $ 20,899 ( around 12.5lakh INR) while the Road Glide Special would cost around $ 23,199 ( around 13.9lakh INR)

The Amber Whisky Road Glide would cost $ 21,399 (around  12.8lakh INR) while the Road Glide Special would cost $ 23,699 ( around  14.2 lakh    INR)

The Black Denim Road Glide would cost $ 21,399 (around 12.8lakh    INR) while the Road Glide Special would cost $ 23,699 (around 14.2 lakh    INR)

The Mysterious Red Sunglo is available only in the Road Glide edition and would cost around $ 21,399 (around   12.8lakh  INR)

Superior Blue Road Glide Special (only) would be available for $ 23,699 (around 14.2 lakh   INR)

P.S the 74th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is on (Started on 2 Aug and will go on till 9 Aug) and Harley Glides will be made available with prices ranging from $ 20,899 to $ 23,699.

Happy Touring ūüôā¬†

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