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GREPIX INFOTECH Uber Clone Script Review

Today we are living in an age where the clone wars are at prominent. This is not some excerpt from an X-Men movie but about the uber clone apps that are flooding the market. The Uber clone scripts have become some of the highly downloadable apps in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

uber clone script

In the busy city life w, have become so much engaged in our daily chores that we have almost forgotten how much our life have become dependent on the private cab companies. One of the main reasons behind this is the utter disappointment and  failure of the public transport system.

From those hailing from a big cosmopolitan city, must have been knowing how difficult it is to commute to our workspace at a daily basis. There are various reasons for this, one of them is probably the scarcity of private cabs or taxis or luxury sedans. A majority of people in the metropolitan cities belong to an intellectual mode of living, all they need is a safe transport and a peace of mind.

The emergence of Uber as a global giant in the taxi provider solution domain has changed the way this business was seen before. This has inspired many mid-level business owners to start their own business on a full-time basis or as an affiliate partner to global giants.

What made Grepix Infotech come up with their Uber Clone Script?

Let’s have an inside look at the company that is determined to bring out the best uber clone app in the market. Grepix infotech is an Indian software company specializing in web design and mobile app development. Founded in 2012 they are a team of highly experienced and dedicated professionals. Their commitment to providing quality software services have been reflected from their clients who have been associated with them for quite a long time. No compromise to quality is the motto of the company.

How is their product different from that of the others?

As a potential business owner, this is probably one of the columns that you should be interested the most. Let’s have a look at some of the cool features that make the app from Grepix Infotech one of its kind.

  • Full Ownership : The client can purchase the license of the software and can have full ownership of the product along with the source code.
  • Global Solution : With multi language, multiple currency and multiple payment gateway support the software helps you to establish a truly global brand.
  • Open to Customization : The app is fully open to any kind of customization from design or backend point of view as per the wish of the client.
  • Secure Deployment : The app uses Oauth 2.0 authentication system and secured API’s to make it as secured as it could be.
  • Ultra Lite UI : The user interface is very sleek and makes the app very lightweight.
  • Push Notifications and Alerts : Both the passenger and the driver are notified with the help of push notifications and alerts in due course of the trip.
  • Promo Codes : The business owner can come up with special promotional events to lure their loyal customers by the help of promo codes.
  • SOS Contact : The passenger has the privilege of adding the number of one of his close acquaintances. Just in case of any emergencies the driver can place a call to the SOS number.
  • Trip History : Sometimes it becomes very easy to predict the recent trends of customer’s booking from his trip history. The app has built-in support for recording the trip history in both the passenger app and the driver app.
  • Ratings and Feedback : For every business to flourish it is very essential to know what the customer likes. Hence there is a provision for ratings as well as a column for feedback for the passengers as well as the drivers.
  • Vehicle Selection : A passenger can select from a lot of vehicles for the ride as provided by the admin.

Some changes that wouldn’t do any harm!

Every great software adapt to the customer needs and demands as the time grows. Although the uber clone script from the Grepix Infotech is loaded with a lot of features there are few functionalities that are found to be missing.

  • Surge Pricing : How do you motivate your drivers? At the time of rush hours, it is very difficult for a passenger to book a cab. Even the drivers won’t be willing to pick a customer from its place. Surge pricing helps to increase the price a little bit than the regular fare so that the driver would be motivated to pick the customer.
  • Call Center Management : How do you help your customers when they don’t have any access to the internet to book a ride? With the help of call center management feature, an admin can book a ride for a passenger offline and allocate a cab just with a phone call.
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