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GenZe: Mahindra’s first electric two wheeler

Innovative urban mobility has been in the spotlight for the automotive industry. This is mainly due to the increasing traffic, safety issues, emissions degrading the environment etc . Products like compact cars, electric bikes and other innovative urban mobility vehicles are taking their place on roads. Many players in the industry are making products which defines urban mobility between two points in a comfortable and simpler manner. Based on the similar concept, Mahindra has come up with their first electric two wheeler named ” GenZe” in USA. “GenZe” refers to the new generation mobility with zero emissions. The vision of GenZe is to transform urban lifestyles by developing highly efficient and fun vehicles.

GenZe 2.0 by Mahindra (Source:
GenZe 2.0 by Mahindra (Source:

Form here, we will go through about the technology, features, specifications and many more things about GenZe 2.0.


All the features of GenZe 2.0 are made to make drive simple and lots of fun for the rider. This vehicle has the ability to make the rider interact with the vehicle and this is what makes these type of vehicles smart. Here are some of the key technologies and features involved in the making of this vehicle:

  • Touch Pad display:

Commonly two wheelers will have a conventional speedometer, with limited interaction with the rider. However, GenZe 2.0 has a 7 inch Cruise Connect Touch screen display which shows speed, range, battery charge level, CO2 reduction. Additionally, the rider can choose the three driving modes based on type of drive. One of the modes is dedicated for new learners of GenZe. All these keep the drivers interaction with vehicle at all time and thus make driving a fun activity.

7 inch Touch Screen of GenZe 2.0 (Source: www.
7 inch Touch Screen of GenZe 2.0 (Source: www.
  • Aluminum Chassis:

For a smart vehicle, it needs to be light and Aluminum provides it the strength along with lesser weight. Light weight aluminium chassis enhances performance of GenZe 2.0. The one piece chassis is stronger, lighter, corrosion and dent resistant. With compact design, it also adds to the aesthetics of the vehicle. The looks are definitely different from the conventional two wheeler and the build quality of GenZe 2.0 clearly shows it.

Aluminium Chassis Built of GenZe 2.0 (Source:
Aluminium Chassis Built of GenZe 2.0 (Source:
  • Smart Power Module:

For higher efficiency of any electric vehicle, the power module needs to be efficient. It can be charged from any 110 volt outlet. Also there is flexibility in charging of the power module, as you can take the Lithium Ion Batteries pack anywhere you want. It easily comes out of the vehicle with little effort.

Smart Power Module of GenZe 2.0 (Source:
  • Power-Port:

It is not always to charge the batteries of the vehicle. With the on-board power ports, you can go for easily charging of your personal electronics like Smartphone. The ports are available in the under seat storage area.

  • Switch and Go System:

This allows the rider to go on a GenZe 2.0 without any effort. A key less system requires only a throttle for a comfortable and relaxing ride of the day.

  • Slant Seat:

If you are stuck in a heavy traffic, you definitely want to know whether this will be there for a longer time or will get clear soon. You can look over the traffic on your ride with GenZe 2.0 through the slant seat feature. Here you can adjust the seat position very easily.

  • LED Lighting:

The most efficient LED lights are installed considering the safety aspects of the rider as well as the people on roads. LED lights also make the vehicle to look beautiful on roads with its sleek design and light glow.

  • Larger Front Wheel:

It allows stability at higher speeds and also absorbs obstructions from the roads and un-smooth surfaces. This results in a smoother and a comfortable ride.


Technical Specifications of GenZe 2.0 (
Technical Specifications of GenZe 2.0 (Source:


Apart from all the above mentioned exciting features, GenZe 2.0 can be customized based on rider requirements. You can opt for various options which include Cargo Covers, Cargo units and Windshield.

  • Cargo units can be installed on the rear of the vehicle and are removable. They can be preferred by the riders going for a long journey and these units are durable, UV resistant and also rain proof. Thus allows the rider to go for ride of the lie with an ease and comfort.
Cargo Units in GenZe 2.0 (Source :
Rear Placed Cargo Units in GenZe 2.0 (Source:
  • Some rider look for longer windshields for aesthetics as wells as to keep themselves safe from road elements.
Windshield in GenZe 2.0 (Source :
Windshield in GenZe 2.0 (Source :

With GenZe 2.0, Mahindra has definitely taken a step towards the development of urban mobility in an efficient manner. This vehicle has the promise of stability, aesthetics and range with adequate power which would make any urban commuter curious to take a ride in one of the advanced systems in urban mobility. These vehicles are making the foundation for the futuristic vehicles and thus they play a major role in their existence for the future.


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