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GBK SOFT Uber Clone Script Review

Uber clone scripts have become a household name in these recent times. Every now and then we just shoot open our mobile phone and tap on the Uber app to book a ride. We are so much addicted to these uber clone scripts and we don’t even know that.

uber clone script

When the public transport facility failed to provide a safe and luxurious ride to millions of people commuting daily in the metropolitan cities, companies like Lyft and Uber have emerged. They have changed the way business was done previously. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and thirst for excellence have earned them billions in revenue.

But behind the success of every multi-billion dollar corporation, there is a considerable amount of research and development involved. Following the path of these global giants many small and mid-sized corporations have ventured into this domain. As a result of which the taxi booking business has become highly competitive.

The only way to stay ahead of others in this business is to bring a better product.

A brief history of GBK Soft

GBK Soft is a Ukranian software company specializing in mobile application development and web development. They have a presence in five continents and operating in 18 countries. Founded in 2011 they have successfully delivered more than 700 projects to their clients. They house some of the most respected and experienced professionals. The dedication and passion of the developers are reflected from their products that are considered as the finest. Some of the notable products from the company include Drophook a social networking platform, Resume Lift a job search app, Time Will Tell a mobile messenger app and many more. Their consistency and diligence make them different from any other mobile app development company.   

What makes the Uber Clone Script from GBK Soft different

Now the question is what made GBK Soft make an uber clone app when there are already a lot of companies making a similar type of app. The lack of a lot of essential features from the uber clone script made by other companies has inspired GBK Soft to come up with a superior product. Let’s have a look at some of the cool features of uber clone script from GBK Soft.

  • Geolocation : The geolocation feature helps to track and locate the rider’s pickup point.
  • Real-Time Tracking : With the help of Google Maps and GPS it is possible to track and locate any cab to its current location.
  • Cab Types : A customer has a lot of alternatives to choose from the pool of cabs that are already provided in the app. Every model comes with a different price.
  • Payment Processing : After a passenger completes a ride the automatic billing process generates the invoice and sends a notification to the client.
  • Fare Calculator : The smart fare calculator estimates the fare before the trip based on the distance and time taken. It takes care of all sorts of additional surcharges.
  • Cross Platform : The app is available for both Android and iOS platform.
  • Payment Gateway : There is a provision to integrate a payment gateway from well-known providers like Paypal and Stripe so that the customers can have a hassle free transaction.  
  • Messaging Service : With the request of the client it is possible to provide a messaging system in the form of offline or online chats.

Some improvisation that would not do any harm

Change is a necessary element that makes the evolution process faster. Every great software adapts, gets customized and evolves with time. Certain important features are found to be missing from the software. With the addition of these features, the uber clone script from GBK Soft will stay unrivaled and out of the herd.

  • Promo and Referral Codes : What is the need for promo codes? Why is referral codes so important? Sometimes it becomes essential to reward the regular and loyal in order to maintain a long-term relationship. The promo codes are like special discount coupons that can be applied to avail certain discounts or free rides. Referral codes are used to share the happiness by referring the app to friends and relatives.
  • Call Center Management : What is the importance of call center management feature? Well as most of the taxi dispatch companies are customer-centric it is essential to take every care to maintain customer satisfaction. There are times when a customer could not book a ride due to some unavoidable circumstances like unavailability of internet connection. At that time the passenger can simply call the customer care executive and get the booking done. There are also other advantages of an integrated call center management feature like providing guidance and navigation to the driver.
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