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Evergreen Electric Vehicles

Electric cars are the present and since they’ve come a long way, these cars reminisce the golf cart days. These green cars are finally attracting attention of the global consumers. Companies like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Tesla and various others are getting into the electric car market. The competition is hence on an ever-increasing rise. However, the concerns about the price of these cars are a little disturbing. Here is a list of electric cars that are a sure shot wonder:

9. Focus Electric: Focus happens to have dropped its price tag drastically since 2004. The focus does 105 combined miles per gallon that is equivalent to 76 miles on a full charge. This is a far better option than the other cars that offer just 24 miles per gallon.   The Ford focus is priced at $ 29,170 and can save owners at least $5,500 in fuel costs over a period of five years. It has a post-rebate price under $22,000 before you add in state incentives.

"Ford Focus"
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8. Smart Electric Drive:

Smart EV is certainly a winner in the beauty contest. It also delivers up to 68 miles on full charge and offers 107 combined miles per gallon equivalent, fifth-best on the road. The Smart Electric Drive is priced at $ 25,750 and is currently the only electric vehicle with a convertible option and remains the most affordable model for drivers who want to go green. The operating cost of $0.95 for every 25 miles.

7. Chevy Spark EV:

General Motors introduced the Chevy Spark EV that doubles the somewhat disappointing figures that the Chevy Volt and Cadillac ELR delivered. In comparison to the 38 miles mileage, the Spark EV delivers 82 miles per gallon. In fact,  the Spark EV’s 119 miles per gallon equivalent made it the car with the second-best economy in the United States at 119 MPGe. Pricing dips well below $20,000 after the federal EV tax rebate, while it’s affordable lease of $ 139 per month has made it quite a sensation on the Electric Vehicle market in 2015.

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6. BMW i3:

When it comes to sustainability, BMW has quite the sustainable production model for an electric vehicle in its small i3, which has an EPA-estimated range of 81 miles and offers the equivalent of 124 miles per gallon, best of any car on the U.S roads. Investing $43,350 after the federal tax rebate and fuel savings, the figure doesn’t seem too high.

"BMW i3 Concept"
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5. Volkswagen e-Golf:

VW’s e-golf is one of the most efficient car’s on the U.S market. The company has been facing a tough time with emission standards and the e-Golf happens to offer some hope of survival. The e-Golf is rated at 116 MPGe. For $35,450, the e-Golf offers 83 miles of range on a full charge. This car is built on the standard  gas consuming Golf platform.

"VW e-Golf"
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4. Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive:

Mercedes did not miss out on such an opportunity as well. The company brought an all-electric vehicle to the party. The car is priced close to the BMW i3, this car offers a slightly smaller look but did not compromise on the luxury. The B-Class Electric Drive is priced at $ 41,450 and has a strong presence in the segment with 87 miles of electric range. With more power than some of the competitors, the B-Class is not quite in the efficiency elite with 84 combined miles per gallon.



3. Kia Soul:

Kia’s Soul Electric vehicle has been one of the most prominent and significant entry into its segment. This vehicle was launched in 2014 and boasts 93 miles of total range and 120 miles per gallon equivalent in city driving. The base price of the Soul is $33,700, it will make sense for a consumer who want a car for around $ 25,000 after the incentives and happens to be cheaper to operate and own than its gas equivalent.

"Kia Soul"
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 2. Nissan Leaf:

Many competing cars rolled out on the open streets, but nobody did it better than the Nissan Leaf. The car made its debut as a $29,010 car and since then, no other brand has surpassed the Leaf’s sales. After all these years, the Leaf still holds a spot as one of the best with 84 miles of range on a full charge. The Leaf boasts an impressive efficiency rating of 114 MPGe.

"Nissan Leaf"
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1. Tesla Model S 85D:

Tesla Model S 85D is just phenomenal. There isn’t a better car that does wonders and is more sought after than the Tesla Model S. The Model S will vary depending on the model, but the 85 D is an undisputed king in the entire range. The vehicle rates at 270 miles and considerably more expensive than the pack at $ 85,000, but it’s huge advantage is its cost per mole of electronic range and makes it quite the car even at a lofty price point.


Bottom Line: These were some of the best cars in their range. Keep us posted for more cars that you might find worth the top-list.

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