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Dodge Super Bowl commercial 2015- an overview

Dodge is a division of Chrysler Corporation, USA and makes automobiles, minivans as well as sport utility vehicles. The vehicles are manufactured by Chrysler Group LLC that is based in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Dodge was founded by Dodge Brothers, Horace Elgin Dodge as well as John Francis Dodge in 1900.  This Detroit based company started with the supplies of parts and assemblies for Detroit based automakers and began building complete automobiles in 1915.

Currently, Dodge is a popular brand in the United States of America that produces some of the meanest machines that are put at best use by the Americans.

As a part of advertising, Dodge has also made its appearance at the Super Bowl and has created some promising commercials. Below, are a few of the most prominent commercials that have been used to promote Dodge. While we await the Dodge Super Bowl commercial 2015, lets take a look at these 🙂

Dodge Spirit (1989):

These Super Bowl XXIII ads that were released in 1989, also focused on the return of the space shuttle that was to return during the same time. The Dodge Spirit was a new replacement for the Dodge 600 car and the commercial flaunts the (then) new car quite well.

It starts off with several people anticipating the return of a space shuttle and they are distracted by a sighting of the new Dodge Spirit, a few think that the car is European, Japanese while a few people believe that it is an American car. The shuttle lands and the car is introduced by a voice over. Check out the Dodge Super Bowl commercial.

Man’s Last Stand:

Undergoing some sort of mental trauma? Thinking a million times before doing something? In short, are you married?

This commercial was designed for husbands/boyfriends alike.

This Dodge Super Bowl commercial shows faces of a few men followed by a voiceover that speaks about those things that men usually don’t do. For instance, getting up early in the morning and eating fruit as a part of breakfast or shaving and cleaning after shaving, answering calls, putting the underwear in the basket (such difficult tasks no?)

But at one condition, presenting the Dodge Charger Super Bowl commercial that is designed for men. If there is one thing men like to do with a car like that, it is to develop wings on the road and experience a little alone time. This commercial is a part of the liberation motive that men dream of with/without their ladies 😛

Watch Man’s Last Stand and get liberated 🙂


Not all Super Bowl commercials are meant for families. A few commercials have ambiguous meanings to them, like the following commercial that leads you into believing that something else is happening.

Wouldn’t you feel awkward when you are out taking a dump at some Mall or departmental store’s washroom and you hear men talking about size, respect and usage? Well, that’d certainly bring doubts on the motives of those men. But the Durango commercial takes a risky shot at providing the viewer with a satirical commercial thereby promoting the vehicle. Although this is a banned commercial, it does seem pretty funny. While we wait for the Dodge Super Bowl commercial 2015 to be released, lets take a look at this.


“All that matters is what’s ahead”

A father-son bonding is usually uncommon. With a few words unspoken, a few secrets untold and a whole lot of silence, this Dodge Super Bowl commercial attempts to drive its viewers into a touching journey between a father and a son.

An Army veteran is shown to be there for his son albeit his presence for the service of his country had required him to be away for a while. Dodge tried go a little soft with this emotional commercial that shows that no matter what the situation, Dads are always around for their kids. This is a pretty good Ad, with various meanings and a splurge of emotions.



We rely on farmers and yet, we simply ignore the efforts that are delivered on our plates.  As a tribute to farmers all across, Dodge decided to make an Ad that later gained so much attention, that it became the most watched television event of the year. The year 2013 was indeed a glorious year for Dodge. The two minute video features the voice of radio legend Paul Harvey.

During the year 1978, Harvey recited a tribute to the American farmer that still holds very true today.

“So God made a Farmer”

The narrative describes the characteristics that we look for in dedicated farmers as well as caretakers of a particular land. With a million viewers on You Tube and the support of carious farmers and agricultural organizations putting up their images to words, this commercial speaks on behalf of all the hard working farmers and ranchers.

Do check out this Dodge Super Bowl commercial 🙂

Dodge Ram:

Sexy commercials are an important addition to Super Bowl. Dodge, like various other companies took an opportunity to bring out a sexy commercial that requires viewer discretion.

This Dodge Super Bowl commercial shows a fine lady looking at herself in the mirror with her lingerie on. She finds various marks on her body, they seem pretty brutal (more like she’s going through a rough phase involving domestic violence or something) and towards the end, there is a message that asks the viewers, “Notice the signs”


A good attempt for restricted audience.

Dodge Super Bowl commercial


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