こんにちは Kon’nichiwa DEMIO-Mazda 2

Japanese automaker Mazda has always presented its cars with dexterity. Well, India has an ickle presence of Mazda cars. However, the Japanese Manufacturer has rolled out some significant show stoppers in the recent past.

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Ok, Am just going to cut to the chase and be precise (just like the Japanese) and present my take on the mini yet note worthy, Demio (or Mazda 2) . This is a sub compact car that is now in its third generation and drives with a different name plate “Mazda 2”. Prior to which the names were even different : “Mazda 121 & Mazda Metro” . But, don’t let that fool you, because this car carries Japanese Technology and it is certainly an interesting XUV.

The major factor when it comes to driving small and powerful cars is what the Demio (3rd Generation) tries to offer : FUN. It has somehow plaintively avenged its predecessors, but coined the title” World Car of the Year” in 2008.


As advertised, the Mazda Demio (or the mazda-2) had  green and slick characteristics endorsed with a few external makeovers. The Grille has certainly managed to capture a few grins, the new grille that has a trapezoidal design, looks much better than the previously designed grilles.


Let’s go a bit further with the in-depth review of the Mazda-2:


For what it’s worth, the Mazda-2 (2014) has been accused of being under-powered. It lacks expectations pertaining to the Mazda standards. The 1.5 liter four cylinder engine is as powerful as 100 horses, which is quite less considering competitor cars offering better horse powered vehicles. Sadly, the 100 horsepower engine produces only 98 Nm torque. However, that’s not disappointing news because once the car spurs up over 3000 RPM, the somewhat powerful car delivers a satisfactory show.

Both automatic and manual versions are available. Yet, you might want to consider buying the five speed manual car which is far too nimble than the four speed automatic transmission version. Unfortunately, the gear shifting ratios get a bit curious and the car tends to shift gears quite early (i’m sure you know how that feels!!) Sadly, the automatic version does not have a manual mode.

2014 Mazda MAZDA2
Image Source: www.carmodelsworld.com

That being said, the sporty driving characteristics imbibed in the Mazda-2 along with road holding capabilities would give the driver a joyous thrill( thanks to the perfect equilibrium between the suspension tuning and chassis ). The power steering is quite satisfactory and helps you have fun 🙂

The mini Mazda helps you nibble around crowded places and offers a fair amount of driving pleasure. Despite the tyres are a little narrow (195/50), the grip over your Mazda is commendable. It is built to perform well on the highways, but the real challenge lies on the hills where, the Mazda Huffs and Puffs on Steeps. That’s also where the grumbling sound of the engine comes into play.


Offered in two versions, i.e. Sport and Touring, the Mazda-2 is offered in three different colors. Mazda has put certain efforts to promote the Mazda-2, however, the competitors have put in more efficient efforts. It doesn’t offer too many features to go “gaga” over. But, sometimes simplicity might be good, for a few.

If you are opting for the Sport model, the car would come equipped with power locks, power mirrors and windows. The Steering wheel can be tilt adjusted according to your convenience. Key-less entry into the A/c car, rear window wiper, an audio system with four speakers and a CD slot, Audio jack are present. What hammers the appearance and the image of the Sport model, is the plastic wheel covers over painted steel wheels.

The Touring model is a bit pricier and offers alloy wheels (15″) and a few classier upgrades such as a trip computer, 6 speaker audio system, roof spoiler, lavish upholstery, even the steering wheel is dressed up with leather and gets audio controls. To top it all up, the car comes with a chrome exhaust tip.


The environmental friendly Mazda-2 manages your fuel efficiently.  Being a light weight car ( weighing in at a mere 2300 pounds ), the grad strategy adopted by Mazda has certainly gone lighter on the environment. The five door car accommodates four passengers and is a cute pick. It also has the Sky Active Technology that isn’t too impressive, but is noticeable.

The manual Mazda-2 offers 13.6 kpl, whereas the four speed automatic transmission model offers 12.75 kpl (automatically drops down 😉 )

Fuel consumption is reduced and hence, the Mazda-2 goes a little easy on the environment.


The Mazda 2 comes in 2 options, the 1300cc offering both 2 and 4 wheel drive variants or the 1500 cc offering only a 2 wheel drive option. The 2 wheel drive options are available in both auto and Manual transmission models, where as the 4 wheel drive is available with the Auto transmission model. The price of a 1300 cc 2 wheel drive model would cost you 15,300 US$ (or 9.18 lakhs) where as the 1300 cc 4 wheel drive option is available for US$ 18,300 ( Rs. 10.98 lakhs) and finally the 1500 cc 2 wheel drive variant is available for US$ 19,300 (Rs. 11.58 Lakhs)


The Mazda 2 has tough competitors such as the Nissan Versa Note, Toyota Yaris, and the upcoming Honda Fit (2015)


The Mazda 2 has made a few impressive attempts by offering good fuel efficiency, good handling and an efficient car. However, the drawbacks need to be considered too. The under-powered Mazda-2 might be disappointing and as mentioned earlier, the manual mode calibrates a better offer. Rival cars go a bit more on the luxurious side at nearly the same price.  The handling is shockingly abysmal.

However, the Demio (Mazda-2) is a decent buy for the well built quality and its commodious interiors.

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