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Datsun Go + Way to Go

First came the Datsun Go, and now its time to buckle up for the Go Plus. Nissan owned Datsun recently unveiled the Go Plus MPV in India. The car shares the same platform as the Datsun Go and shares plenty of design cues.

The sweetest surprise lays in the pricing of Datsun cars. This MPV already has plenty of bookings in India, mainly for its spaciousness and price. Check out more below:

Go Plus:

The car is manufactured at the Nissan-Renault facility in India. This car is aimed at those families that look to buy a low cost car and yet accommodate plenty of people.

"Nissan Datsun Go +"
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Engine and Performance:

The Go+ is a compact MPV and it has the DOHC based 1.2-liter 3-cylinder petrol engine inside. The engine produces 75 PS and 104 NM of torque. The same engine is found in the Nissan Micra, it has a displacing capacity of 1198 cc. The power is supplied to the front wheels through an advanced 5-speed manual transmission. The Go+ will have the same power and performance as found on the Go.

Pleasantly, the mileage of the Go+ is expected at 20 kmpl that beats all competitors in the MPV segment. The Go+ thrusts from 0-100kmph in just a matter of 15 seconds and can reach a top speed of 150 kmph.


Having the Go+ is definitely a Plus to a big family. The combination of comfort and security are both commendable. This reliable family lounge with wheels has various un-compromised features. Since affordability is also a key factor behind the low pricing of this vehicle, the company has resorted to keeping the interiors same as the Datsun Go. The Go+ has a length of 3995 mm and width of 1635 mm. The height is 1485 mm and the wheelbase measures 2450mm. This is a low cost family MPV, but it doesn’t seem all that cheap.


MPV’s have a humongous looking body. But, trend and style play their parts on the curves and edges of the car. The Gp Plus has a rather decent looking exterior. With some fine touches and a unique appearance with roof dropping towards its back along with a strong shoulder line carried to the rear, the car looks elegant. The car has a headlight cluster, perforated radiator grille and thick chrome surround. There is an air-dam front bumper and air-ducts. Being the lengthy-types, this car looks quite stylish. The elegance continues towards the rear-side of the car with its body-colored bumper, prominent branding and chrome plated model logo. Overall, the exteriors of the car are quite appealing.

"Go Plus looks"
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Once inside, you wouldn’t feel harnessed like you do in cheap cars. In fact, the car has a very nice feel inside too. The dashboard mounted gearshift and bench seat up front reminisce the Datsun Go’s Interiors. The seats of this car are quite wide and covered with premium fabric upholstery. It has a 3-spoke steering wheel too. It also has AC with central console placed on the dashboard. There is a power steering, power window and foldable second seat row option available too. The front row cabin of the car has plenty of leg and headroom space. No more cramming up like most people do in the budget friendly cars.

"Datsun Go Plus"
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"Datsun Go Plus interior space"
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There are similar MPV’s driving various families in India. Maruti has its Ertiga that shares a similar shape and size than the Datsun Go+. The Ertiga has a 1373 cc engine that is much powerful than the Go Plus. Ertiga too has 7-seating capacity. The Ertiga base petrol model costs approximately Rs. 6 lakhs (showroom price) for the Petrol model and Rs. 7.5 lakhs for the Diesel model.

"Go Plus Competitors"
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Honda’s Mobilio has a 1497 cc engine and a seating capacity of 7. The base E i-VTEC engine price Rs.6.7 lakhs onwards. The Diesel base model costs Rs. 8.2 lakhs.


The Datsun Go+ comes at an unbelievable starting price of Rs. 3.8 lakhs. It is definitely unbelievable. While competitors like Maruti and Honda offer 40000 kms or 2 years warranty, Datsun offers 2 years or unlimited warranty.

Bottom line:

Datsun has proved it again, the Go was a successful model and the Go Plus is proving to be quite a successful model against all odds. The car has great mileage but its engine is a little weaker than its competitors. That said, the Go+ carries an extremely aggressive price that can definitely take a big chunk out of competition. With such a low pricing for a huge MPV, the Go Plus sure has a promising future. The pre bookings are on and in the following months, you can definitely expect various Datsun cars whizzing by.

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