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Concepts that might change the way you look at bikes..!!

Wouldn’t you just cry if your dream bike comes to life and may be if snuggles in your budget? Well, I certainly would.

I recently came across some of the most insane concept bikes that can make any superbike look like a namby-pamby. Here is my compilation of some of the most insane concept bikes, you probably might have good dreams tonight.

Lambor Biker:

You might have come across this wallpaper and might have thought, heh yeah-right lambo bike. For those who think Lamborghini cars are overrated, this is probably something that might suit your whims and fancies.

"Lamborghini bike concept"
Image courtesy:

Designed by the famous Flavio Adriani who created this two-wheel masterpiece as a tribute to the late Ferrucio lamborghini as well as the osmos wheel, a wheel without a central hub that actually runs on the rim. This is a low-slung bike and would certainly attract a lot of attention.

"Lambor biker concept"
Image courtesy:

Sadly, this is just a concept and might remain just an image on your screen, but the dream of conceiving such a bike is definitely amazing. Kudos to the designer who took his inspiration from two great names in invention, engineering as well as design; Nikola Tesla as well as Ferrucio lamborghini.

"Lambor Biker concept bike"
Image courtesy:


2015 Honda CB 750:

Futuristic or what? Igor Chak, who put in a lot more than just beauty, designed this dazzling beauty. The brains behind the CB 750 lay in an on-board computer that is controlled through a 5”OLED multi-touch display. Placing the display towards the right side of the fuel tank makes operation easier. The bike has 3 menus that the rider can choose from; the GPS, Drive and Diagnostics mode. The bike is powered from a 4-cylinder liquid hydrogen engine. If only this concept comes to life (well, I wouldn’t get it, but it would be fun to watch such a bike on the streets)

"Honda CB750 Concept Bike"
Image Courtesy:


"Honda CB750 concept Bike"
Image Source:


"Honda CB 750 Concept Bike"
Image Source:


Super Skinny Swordfish & Stalker:

With a lot of introspection and may be a little peering into the future of motorcycles come these beautifully designed concepts. Designed by Alexander Kotlyarevsky, these bikes have unique yet minimalistic designed alloys. The sleek silver hotrod a.k.a Swordfish is designed with its counterpart, the metallic pink Stalker. These are a deadly duo; sadly only concept versions of these rides exist.

"Super Skinny Swordfish and Stalker concept bikes"
Image Courtesy:


 Magic Tricycle:

 A tricycle does capture attention, but the Magic Tricycle is born to shine. Designed by Javad, an Iranian designer, the Magic Tricycle drives on all three wheels, but the exciting part is that it can rotate around a longitudinal axis running from the front to rear wheel with the left wheel elevated into the air. This Tricycle can be used as a motorcycle, its seats rotate to keep the occupants sitting upright and the airborne wheel opens up blades which work like a helicopter tail propeller to aid stability. Pretty cool and magical right?

"Magic Tricycle"
Image Courtesy:



Electric Motorbike: ZEVS:

Bikers always had to take a halt to fuel up. But, this bike that was designed by three designers Bernhard Ranner, Anders August Kittilsen and Rudolf Stefanich, worked to make ZEVS, “The first electric motorcycle for the “real biker.”


"ZEVS Electric bike concept"
Image Courtesy:

The bike targets “real men” who don’t like going easy on smooth roads, rather they prefer dusty roads with their jaunty ride. This bike reminisces a chopper or a cruiser with a bolt of modernization.


The Bull:


"The Bull Concept"
Image Courtesy:

Riding the bull, well it might seem cocky but designer Barrend Massow Hemmes who was known for the Jaguar shaped bike has bought out this bull. Attaching horns to this bull required a lot of thought. The bike looks red, loud and definitely shiny. Thinking about making this bike a reality is definitely something that most bike enthusiasts dream of. Let’s hope this concept motorcycle comes to life.


Ghost & Devil Motorcycle Concepts:

 Ghost/Devil seem like pretty sinister terms. However, the following machine has been turned into a slick speed ride that brings out the mean spirit of biking into a concept. Designed by Muhammad Imran who kept the flying falcon while designing this bike is an inspiration from the movie Ghost Rider. Young riders and their fascination towards reckless riding and the ever-increasing need for speed will never grow old. So named the Devil bike that was designed by Robert Liddell had aimed to give this motorcycle a V-Twin engine along with a shiny black personality with a passion for speed that goes inline with style.

"Ghost and Devil Concept Bikes"
Image Courtesy:


Mad Max Aitu Motorbike:

"Mad Max Aitu Concept"
Image Courtesy:

 This bike looks street ready at first glimpse. It looks like it has the rough and sturdy attitude to go miles. This Mad Max Concept was designed by Renato Gshwend who intends on attracting adventurous souls (such as yourselves) who like attention wherever you go and for a pretty good reason. The bike features a V-Twin 1800 cc engine and non-silent exhaust that roars wherever you go.


Harley Davidson Circa 2020:

"Tron Inspired Concept Bike from Harley Davidson"
Image Courtesy:

 Tron Much?

This bike somehow resembles a Tron-like body. The 883 cc engine on this bike is sufficient enough to make heads turn. Harley’s are known for their distinctive roar and their prominent charisma. This bike would certainly top the charts in that department, that is, if it were to come alive.


Ferrari V4 Superbike Concept:


"Ferrari V4 concept Bike"
Image Courtesy:

Lamborghini isn’t the only one to tease the masses with its super bike concept. Designed by Amir Gilnik, this Ferrari V4 superbike has its design built around the theoretical application of the Ferrari Enzo’s V12 Motorcycle frame. This too is sadly a concept.

Let’s just sit back and wait patiently for a sign of hope 🙂

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