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Chupamobile Car Rental Software Review

Chupamobile offers UBER clone – Social Taxi Near iOS App, a car rental software. actually, a native app for iOS and Android. The PHP coded script runs the entire software in the backend.

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The Chupamobile Review

Chupamobile claim that “We are available for any support and customization requests”.
By investing in their App templates, you save on both time and high costs as compared to other companies. They have ready-to-use App and Game Templates that can be customized according to the clientele needs. This would save time on preparing the apps from scratch and the buyer can get apps delivered in a much quicker time.

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What you get-

  • Full App Template Source Code
  • License of use
  • Lifetime free Updates of the Template
  • Support by the Original Author of the App Template
  • Being part of the largest professional community of App Developers and Publishers.

Their single license for car rental system is meant for a single project either for their buyer’s usage or for the buyer’s client. The user can publish on the app stores one single app based on this template. While the multiple license, the template can be utilized for an unlimited number of projects irrespective of the person using it and can be used several times.

The benefit of buying the app from them is that the users can also customize the UI and have fun with making few tweaks with the features. If the users are not comfortable with playing around the app features, they can simply opt for their Premium Template Customization Service where a dedicated professional will handle the task of customization, design integration and optimization for various sizes of the devices, handle App Store Optimization, integrate best-performing ad network(s) to help with the monetization part, handle app submissions, and handle after sales support and handle the entire app customization.

Their App Reskin Service is a hassle-free option when dealing with the gaming app as you don’t have to be expert in handling the coding part or any technical stuff around.


  • They are professional company offering expert app customization services for taxi dispatch software
  • They offer reskin and customization
  • Their turnaround time is 24 hours
  • They have both Android & iOS version
  • They are constantly adding new features to their services in order to offer scalable apps
  • They have expertized in Android, iOS and Web development
  • You get more choices for apps
  • They have a strong refund policy and the money will be returned within the two weeks after the immediate purchase period. Their refund policy is based on the fact that if the product fails to perform as committed, or the failure to receive the support, etc.

Why not

  • Their car rental software customization is very costly and yet not satisfactory services.
  • The single license costs $399.00, multiple license for $1,199.00 and their Reskin & Launch Service is for $1,249.00
  • This is a 6-year-old company registered in the year 2010 but the website reputation is extremely bad. Refer:
  • Even the TRUST rate isn’t very good.
  • The website doesn’t even have a high popularity and not much social presence during these 6 years.
  • People had a very bad experience with re-skinning the app, the customization part and the dealing with the launch program and one can find live user experience here:
  • Their refund policy is just on papers, practically people have suffered and not got the refund back and the customer care service leave people’s worries unattended.
  • Another major problem is that the tech team has language issues and the barrier in communication leaves people frustrated and most pf the people say, they would not like to return to for further app development and re-skinning services for car rental software.
8.9 out of 10
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