Cars, Lightning Mcqueen and Pals!!!

We’ve all been inspired, moved and thrilled by movies. Some movies have left a really deep impact on our lives while some have definitely changed our mood swings in a jiffy. We would love to talk about cars in real world,for a change how about talking cars in the reel world. It is fun, isn’t it?

We’ve all loved animated movies for umpteenth reasons at some point of our lives. A few of us however, haven’t grown over that stage (like me) and still enjoy the simplicity’s of enjoying good old animated movies. Being a hardcore car enthusiast, my motivation is driven by the Disney movie “Cars” (animated yet inspiring)

Cars movie models
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Released in the year 2006, the Pixar animation production was certain to get kids and the adults (well just by age) for a joyous ride involving thrills, turns and lastly the endearing friendship that would last for miles. The movie had captivated me from the very beginning and well, the movie buff in me wouldn’t let the joy wither away that easy.

Let’s look at the protagonist who kept us captivated from the very beginning:


In a world driven by anthropomorphic characters playing various roles (big and small) the main theme of the movie is based on race cars competing against each other to claim their victory over the Piston Cup. His name got inspired after an animator and not after the Mcqueen Actor (Steve Mcqueen).

He is red, He looks Mean, Meet Lightning Mcqueen.

 Lightning Mcqueen car
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Our Protagonist, Lightning Mcqueen is a hybrid between a stock car and a curvaceous Le Mans endurance race car. He’s just the most fun loving race car that initially seems a bit snobbish (due to all the fame he gets) is on his way on the race track revving up to be the winner of the Piston Race Cup. But, An unsettling 3-way tie breaker between Strip Weathers, Chick Hicks and Lightning Mcqueen, leads towards a tie breaking race that is scheduled a week later at the animated L.A International Speedway.

The ever excited Mcqueen takes on the challenge and journeys on to the LA Speedway at California with his pal and travel partner, MACK. Adding to twists and turns (infused with some humor) sleepy Mcqueen Ends up on the road with no sign of his pal.

 Lightning Mcqueen model
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Mcqueen’s rough Journey begins at Radiator Springs. Mcqueen rips apart most of the pavement of the main road and is later imprisoned. As it turns out, nobody in radiator springs is quite aware of Mcqueen’s fame. He is just a mere prisoner. Mcqueen tries his best to escape from the “somewhat deserted town” but his attempts are unsuccessful.

As the story progresses,  Lightning Mcqueen is manifested with the subtleties of simplicity and racing ethics. He also befriends various vehicles from the town and finds his lady love on wheels.  In due course, Mcqueen Gains racing motivation form a former racing legend Hudson Hornet, the winner of 3 piston cups, completely vanishes (post an accident in 1954) from the real world and chooses to live a very secretive life.

What I really love about Mcqueen was the complete overhaul and “Ca-Ching” looks adding to his augmented fame. Mcqueen is finally traced by the outside world and is drawn back into the race circuit, but the racers heart lies in radiator springs. To support him, the entire town goes to the LA speedway circuit and Hudson hornet takes charge as Mcqueen’s manager and race coach.


Well, I cannot let this one go. Mcqueen’s new look is just ravishing. Mcqueen undergoes a new Paint Job, New and improved white tyres, the lightning logo, and touches of perfection. The below makeover has resemblance with the Chevrolet Corvette.

 Lightning Mcqueen car model
Image Source: artmasters.serdar-hizli-art.com




Mcqueen Best friend and his Sidekick, Based on the International Harvester Boom Truck that used to lift equipments from mine shafts, Mater was given an animated life. Although, Mater was originally a Baby Blue Colored Truck, the rust all over his body implies the age and he hence proudly carries a orange-ish light brown color with a very small hint of blue. Mater is the goofy character and the life of the movie. He contributes all laughs and giggles in the movie. At times he gets a tad annoying and the next moment he wins your heart back.

Mater and Mc Queen cars movie
Mater and Mcqueen Image Source: www.goodfon.su

In the movie, Mater is seen missing his hood that he claims, he hasn’t seen over 20 years, and his left headlight that is quite loose and falls off when mater trembles, these intricate details are essential and keep the fun constant. When it comes to driving, Mater claims to be the best backwards driver in the world (which he truly is)

The name mater originates from a diehard NASCAR fan Doughlas “Mater” Keever. What’s cute is the way mater introduces himself, “My name is Mater. Like tuh-mater, but with out the tuh”

 Lightning Mcqueen cars movie
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The irony here is that Doughlas Mater keever was raised on his maternal grandparents’ tomato farm and hence the nick name (and the reference in the movie)


The DoC is a local physician at Radiator springs. His license plate reads 51HHMD, which refers to his year (51), His Model (Hudson Hornet) and his profession (MD) (pretty cool right?)

Image Source: www.pixar.wikia.com

The Doc has a history of being one of the most reputed race cars during his time. He had won 3 Piston cups and was a record holder for most wins in a single season. But, a crash that had caused havoc during the last lap had left Hudson Hornet out of the tracks for good, thereby putting an end to his racing career. (ironically this story resembles that of Herb Thomas who was NASCAR’s champion during 1951 and 1953).

Prostrated by the mishap, Hudson had apparently devoted his time to study medicine. He is seen to play the role of a doctor at Radiator Springs and has a clinic where he deals with internal combustion. The town’s folks respected the doctor but, did not know about his past. He is the main reason for Lightning Mcqueen’s control over abrupt turnings and skids.


Sally is a 2002 996 Series Porsche 911 Carrera (looks girly but packs up a great fight in real life)

Cars Porsche movie models
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Sally and Lightning seem to hit it off pretty well. The love bubble seems quite obvious between the two.


An interesting Character, Luigi is a 1959 Fiat 500, with an interesting Italian accent and a passion for supercars and tyres. Luigi owns a tyre shop at Radiator Springs.

Luigi cars movie Fiat 500
Image Source: www.pixar.wikia.com


Tiny by looks, but quite fast when it comes to work. He certainly adds excitement during the final race.

GUIDO Cars movie
Image Source: www.disney.wikia.com


Mack is a 1985 Mack Super-Liner in charge of taking Lightning Mcqueen Places. He is also Lightning’s friend and plays a small but effective role in the movie.

MACK cars movie
Image Source: www.takefiveaday.com


Ramone is a 1959 Chevrolet Impala Lowrider who carries a very cool image and he seems like the easy going type.

Ramone Cars movie
Image Source: www.pixar.wikia.com


Just like any sheriff, this 1949 Mercury Club Coupe does his job quite earnestly.

SHERIFF cars movie
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A promoter of Green gas and peaceful living, the 1960 Volkswagen Bus carries out a hipster image that runs a very discrete bio fuel unit at Radiator Springs. He is the go green mascot that might make you go green too 🙂

FILL MORE Volkswagen Cars movie
Image Source: www.pixar.wikia.com


Sarge is tough as he sounds, a 1941 Willy’s Jeep just like the ones used by the US Military.

SARGE Jeep Cars movie
Image Source: www.wallpapersweb.com


Flo is a 1957 Motorama Show car.

Flo Cars movie
Image Source: www.pixar.wikia.com


Strip “The King” weathers, carries a true sportsman spirit. He is a good contender, according to Pixar the King, is a generic 1980 stock car that shares resemblance with the GM G-Body (Buick regal or Chevy Monte Carlo)

Strip The King cars movie
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Filled with attitude under the hood and the confidence to rule the world, Chick hicks is a car design that was based on Rishard Petty’s 1970 Plymouth Superbird model. He is one tough rival that challenges and mocks Lightning Mc Queen

Chick hicks Cars movie
Image Source: www.pixar.wikia.com


Lizzie is a 1923 Ford Model T.

Apparently Lizzie was married to a steamer named Stanley who was a Radiator Cap sales man. He founded Radiator Springs.

LIZZIE Ford Cars movie
Image Source: www.pixar.wikia.com


RED is a 1960 Style Fire Truck that shared similarities with Lightning’s friend MACK.

RED Fire Truck Cars movie
Image Source: www.simplywallpaper.net


We can call this anyway we like — Good Movies, Comedy Movies, Top Movies, Movie Cars, Disney Cars, Cars 1, Kids Car, Film Cars, Cars movie etc. Totally it’s all about fun and teamwork. The movie was very captivating and truly inspiring. It combines the fun and seriousness of racing and brings out the valuable lesson of cruising together as friends.

8.7 out of 10
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