The Best Android driving apps-Vehicle Management

Ever since smart phones started becoming smarter than us (per se) various driving apps have been the foundation for easy and hassle free tasks. Smart phones have undeniably made things very simple for us. There have been so many technological advancements that even car drivers these days have various essential car apps designed to making driving easy and simple.

Here is an article that are a “must download” if you’re an Android user. So, Sit back, don’t worry, read this article and be-appy!!

10. Drivvo

You can manage the expenses for one or more vehicles with this driving app. It’s simple, quick and easy. Lot of options available like maintenance services, reports creation, refueling details and service remainders. Chart based report gives better visualization and you have the option to share the same.


Vehicle Chart - Drivvo

9. aCar:

This easy-to-use and straight forward car app helps users manage everything related to your car by means of an appealing interface. The user has to simply enter the relevant information pertaining to his/her automobile’s make, model, year and then you can get the tracking started.

"aCar app"
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Once the app gets relevant info about the car, it provides the accurate mileage, price of gas while filling up and the car app also calculates the cost of running the car per day/per kilometer. The car app also records the maintenance duration as well as the cost of repairs for your car. It also keeps informed the user about the next maintenance date. Additionally, if you go out for a charitable activity or to the doctor, once the entry is made into the car app, it will notify you about the tax deductions that you might be eligible for.

"aCar app"
Image Source: play.google.com

There is a pro-edition available too. Since that is chargeable, you might want to download and test the free version for your Android/Blackberry device.

8. My Car Locator Free:

Concerned about your car more than your girlfriend? Here’s an car app that keeps track of your car wherever you are.  My Car Locator is one of the easiest and reliable car locator service app. With millions of downloads and counting, this app is quite essential. The app works with a simple touch. Simply park your car, open the app and enable the service. Your car will automatically be marked on the map of the app’s window. You can add additional notes (optional) and the app also guides you back to where you had parked your car.

"My Car Locator Free app"
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7. Car Dashboard:

Want more info about your car than you already notice? Here’s Car Dashboard, a simple way to get detailed info on your car. This car app gives you more info than your simple Speedometer.

The Car Dashboard automatically launches when you place your device in your car’s dock or anything magnetic. With portrait and landscape viewing modes, it gets quite simple to view. The app has an advanced speedometer that alerts the driver about the current situation. The car app also has an additional compass that helps you get a grip on your direction. It also has a customizable speed alert.

"Car Dashboard app"
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6. Google Maps with Navigation:

Needless to say, this app is powered by Google and it is undeniably one of the most trusted car app. Navigating through busy streets or locating a particular spot, its all possible with this app. This app reduces the trouble of wandering around a new place and asking people for directions.

Any ordinary map can be turned into detailed locations. Buildings pop out, graphics show how big or small the location is. The voice recognition on this app also helps with GPS navigation. The app also locates airports, business establishments and hotels.

"Google Maps with Navigation app"
Image Source: forum.xda-developers.com


5. Around Me:

Stranded in a new Location and finding trouble locating essential places?

Around Me is the right driving app that works in sync with your phone’s GPS sensor and locates pretty much everything around you. You can locate the nearest bank, bar (If you aren’t driving) gas station, hospital, hotels, movie theatres, restaurants and more.

This driving app is perfect for wanderlusts and travelers.

"around me app android"
Image Source: play.google.com


4. Yelp:

Going on a road trip with friends? Download Yelp and see the benefits. This app shows you new and exciting things that every street/community offers. Yelp also allows users to rediscover and find new hot-spots in and around the city.

It also provides the previous reviews on pricing, customer service and parking availability to new users. The reviews are pretty useful for those who aren’t aware of a particular place.

Need Help? Download Yelp!!

"Yelp app android"
Image Source: pulse2.com


3. AAA Mobile App:

This is an essential driving app for those seeking access to various automobile service point. The interface is pretty simple and user friendly. The app points out the nearest gas stations with current fuel prices and public charging stations for electric car owners. In case your vehicle gives up on you, this car app helps you gain roadside assistance by using the phone’s GPS coordinates.

"AAA Mobile App"
Image Source: newsroom.aaa.com


2. iWrecked:

This app is a “just in case app”

You never know when an accident might turn your pleasant drive into a painful one. It’s better keeping this app, just like you keep a first-aid kit. iWrecked gives you some relief from the stress of dealing with an accident. The driving app assembles an organized accident report that includes images of the crash scene and the amount of damage the vehicle has inflicted.

The app also shows the contact info of nearest police stations (to file an FIR) and it also gets you information for taxis and tow truck companies, if need arises.

"iWrecked App"
Image Source: www.hongkiat.com


1. Trapster:

This is a pretty cool app. Nobody likes it when the cops stop your vehicle and ask you a million questions before demanding for a certain amount. The information is provided by other nearby users about the whereabouts of police officers and areas where you should drive carefully. People get credibility for the traps they report and other people vote if the report provided is legitimate. It’s like a mission to escape the wrath of corruption.

"Trapster Android app"
Image Source: www.javascriptstyle.com

These apps are available on the Google Play Store. Hope you find them useful.

Happy Downloading.

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