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CarCloud – Car Rental Software Review

Car rental software by is a boon for many taxi business owners. As the trend of daily commutation through taxi is catching up so is the trend of investing in taxi hiring business. Not only such businesses become a source of income for people, it is also creating employment opportunities for many taxi drivers. The trend is more common in metropolitan cities where daily struggle through long traffic jams is something people just don’t want to experience.

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Find the right company for your taxi dispatch software

While you can find many taxi dispatch software companies online, hiring the right company for your software needs is an important decision. You need a company who can understand your business requirements, understand your budget, the geographical area you wish to cover for your taxi hiring business and your future plans as far as your business is concerned. Apart from this, one cannot juts have a software developed from any XYZ company. The software company must have a considerable experience with the car and vehicle rental software development, the company must have the proven skills and capability to get rid of the bugs and software at any stage of the software else it could simply ruin your business just due to minor issues.

Although you’ll come across many such software companies or eCommerce platforms but you can also take a look at, a cloud-based eCommerce platform that connects directly to your central reservation system and maximizes your online revenue. The company offers you a fully-featured, responsive website that is customized for your brand – without the stress, cost and risk of traditional website development.

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Carcloud Review- Reviewing what people like and what they spike

Their say (The Pros)

  • Our management and development team has worked for (and with) few of the established car rental companies. We power car rental websites companies for various models of their cars.
  • Make a choice from our conversion-optimized templates for quick launch of your e-business. If you have big budget and an already established brand, we will collaborate with your digital agency to come up with a fully-customized template to satisfy your marketing goals.
  • Worried about your website’s traffic, let us help you deal with that as well. We also take care of the website optimization process as well as design and handle PPC campaigns. We have all the necessary tools to handle every bit of your website.
  • We also understand that just bringing the traffic isn’t going to work, converting the leads into customers is what we deeply focus into to help your business increase the revenue.
  • Carcloud offers fully responsive and optimized website across various browsers and smartphones and gadgets so you don’t lose your customers.
  • We take care of your Google Analytics as well. Our smart conversion funnels and reporting mean that you can keep track of your visitors and your customers.

What the “Truth Seekers” Say (The Cons)

In fact, there isn’t much that anybody is saying about this company.

A lot of research has been done to find out the honest reviews about the company online. To my despair, we found almost nothing. How come a 12-year old company that started in the year 2004 has just no reviews online no good or no bad user reviews???

Much has been said about the company and about its products and services, but the company has got no popularity online. It’s 12-year old registered website ranking at 5,315,508 among over 30 million websites in world.
When checked on, the social engagement stats for is just 6 Facebook shares… for a 12-year old registered company. Is the company too busy in taking care of its customer’s SEO and Google Analytics, that in so many years, it couldn’t even establish its own online reputation?
Believe it or not, this eCommerce platform, has no https; hence not all the communications are encrypted on this website. Would someone still book a taxi and be sure if the entire payment transaction is secure with the company?

Check out the rating below based on certain parameters to help you make the right car rental system software development buying decision.

7.6 out of 10
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