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Cabily by Zoplay – Car Rental Software review.

Traditionally hiring a taxi has been a chore waiting for a long, long time leading to frustration and waste of money and time. Travelling with a stranger to a destination unknown is one another frightening affair, especially for women.The Taxi owners too had the problem of idle taxis and drivers, hampering productivity. The Technology has transformed this scene altogether making the taxi ride the most preferable mode of commute for everyone. The smartphones with smart technology has revolutionized the taxi booking system making it easy-peasy. This Era of Smartphones have prompted Companies like UBER to come up with Apps and software that can take care of every aspect of On-Demand Taxi Business. Car Rental Software have evolved at a quick pace resulting in great products that has changed the way people look at car rental services. These software have made renting cars accessible to all sections of people from economical to luxury car customers. Recent enhancements in car rental software have gone even further in promoting taxi business by revolutionary ideas like car pooling which make it even more affordable. Mobile software Technology has eased out processes involved in various niche car rental businesses that were previously considered risky like self driven car rentals, car pooling etc., Moreover these software are available at a cheaper price, and can be business-ready in minutes. Such is the ease of implementation these software promise.


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Cabily by Zoplay is one of the UBER clone scripts available in the market.Lets have a look at the Pros and cons of this script.


1.Zoplay uses latest technologies for their database resulting in good response times of the software.

2. The admin Dashboard is well laid out and easy to understand and provides all the graphical data including ride stats, driver stats and earnings month on month over one year period.

3. Software includes SOS emergency calling feature that calls emergency contacts in case of accidents. This is a distinguishing feature of the platform.

4. Multi-lingual capability makes it usable in all major languages enabling use by customers all over the world.

5. The car rental software is available in three price packages, lite, premium and ultimate depending on the amount of features and customization options that we opt for.

6. Surge pricing option gives flexibility in pricing strategy according to the situations like late night, early morning trips, rainy days etc.,

7. Some of the features worth mentioning are separate dashboard for drivers, reporting feature, social media sharing, future ride bookings, auto-fill forms etc.,

8. Review system for both drivers and passengers are provided in a more informative way which encourages drivers to improve their customer services. Passengers can rate the ride based on Driver’s timing, courteousness, neatness of the car etc.,

9. They have a dedicated blog and knowledge base integrated in their website for support purpose.


1. Base price of $1999 for either android or ios app limits its functionality compared to some of the competition.

2. Free upgrades are not available on lite and premium editions while the competition are giving them free.

5.8 out of 10
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