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Booqable Online Car Rental Software Review

Booqable offer car rental software to help you manage with your inventory needs. Booqable says, “Everyone in your business has questions. Booqable helps you answer them in seconds.”. They do this with their inventory software by making the things easily manageable through the software and making the search easier for you. Booqable is easy to use Online Rental Software. It’s used by rental companies, large organizations and universities all over the world.

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Booqable features: The Advantage


Let us understand few best features of Booqable rental software as below:

  • Check availability: As a business owner if you want to find the availability of a particular stock with you, the simple search feature allows to check for this based on few parameters.
  • It lets your customers make online bookings through the online rental software.
  • Through Booqable’s rental software, you can know who is going to pick the order today form the available inventory.
  • Inventory management: This saves you from under and over booking of the orders, which further saves you with having gaps in the system; the gap in ordering the new stock and the fulfilling the orders for your customers. You can plan the order of the next inventory without any delays. The car rental system is supported by visual planner, stock history checker and further assist in planning.
  • While making reservations, it automatically calculates taxes and the prices for you giving the owner or the administrator the freedom to focus on other core tasks.
  • The customer stay updated with the latest launches of the newly developed email templates and every new template has new added features and functionality. Setup as many email templates as you want and the templates can be customized before sending.
  • Tracking payments are also easy and hassle-free. Create customized and beautiful invoices from the orders so placed and they can even be merged or exported to the bookkeeping software.
  • Stay updated with regular reports and alerts from the system regarding the best-selling products and the products which had not been performing well and needs immediate attention.
  • The taxi dispatch software by Booqable is good for both small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Booqable, founded in 2014, has been found offering good customer support during the business hours but not much reviews can be found online for
  • The software gives you the liberty from the basic pen and paper approach but allowing your customers to digitally sign the quotations, contracts, and waivers.
  • Their pricing structure is flexible to suit the pricing requirements of every organization.
  • Booqable, as they say, is the best CRM software you will ever find and they also support multi-lingual that translates all your documents to be sent to the customers in their respective languages.
  • Technically speaking, they also support API development that will help to integrate the software with or into your existing system or you are even free to use your own extensions and tools and use them with the car rental system.
  • Automate your booking process by connecting your online store to Booqable. Booqable offers a WordPress plugin and a standalone embeddable module.

“The disadvantage” or “The not so many advantages”

  • It will be too early to comment anything about Booqable as a deep research online has not revealed any negative and not even too many positive Booqable reviews. Since it is a new player in the market, they have not known to be developing much of the car rental software and they were even out of the sight for some time and came back with something new. An extensive search carried on “Google” has revealed that the company has only developed equipment rental software mainly.
  • For now, the company has low popularity and even the site communication is not secured or not encrypted as they are not using https.
7.4 out of 10
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