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BMW super bowl commercial 2015 – a detailed look

Interested in gifting yourself a luxury car? The following Super Bowl commercials have made their appearance at the Super Bowl and promoted BMW cars with their sheer driving pleasure along with various additional attractions that did wonders for the brand.

Luxury car wars among Audi, BMW and Mercedes have passed on for generations and BMW has been a strong contender. Watch a couple of Super Bowl commercials that are considered watchable, funny etc, while a few are considered annoying for the most part, while we await the BMW super bowl commercial 2015

Doc Walker:

Richard “Doc” Walker is a former American football tight end in the NFL (National Football league) and is currently a radio sports commentator. The 2011 BMW 5 series teaser Ad features Doc doing a little bit of talk. He introduces the BMW 5 series and talks about what he looks forward to while buying a car. A very direct customer centric Advertisement that avoids the myriad features, and implausible details that are usually hard to digest. A simple commercial that conveys a direct message and talks about the Twin Turbo technology along with 300 HP power, xDrive, Intelligent all-wheel drive and great mileage (29 MPG on the Highway) and to top it all up, $ 0 Maintenance cost for the initial 4 years or 50,000 miles.

This is a simple BMW super bowl commercial and lacks the much expected “gewgaw” and did not have a complete hold on the convincing part.


Going on a date and worried if you’d tap that booty? This BMW 5 Series funny/sexy commercial gets a little naughty while promoting its rear view camera.

The 32 second Ad shows a young couple going on a date, the “supposed” guy playing a gentleman greets his date by opening the car’s door and inviting her in. He goes towards the rear side of the car to get some alone time to express his excitable emotions and enters the car. The girl has a serious expression on her face and looks at him; he figures that his rear view camera has been on the whole time. To his surprise, the girl plants a steamy little kiss.

Although this BMW super bowl commercial has restricted viewership, it makes a clear statement “BMW rearview camera doesn’t miss a thing” A cute and cuddly commercial especially if you are going for a date and luck is on your side (or may be a hot girl)

Watch and enjoy 😛


Defying Logic:

While commercials are designed to create some sort of logic and explain something unique, this BMW super bowl commercial defies logic. The Ad asks you a couple of question that urge you into thinking if they make sense. The commercial “Defying Logic” incorporates a part documentary technique that does the other part of advertising the BMW X3. Celebrating the South Carolina factory that designed customized and produced the world-class German engineered car even during a recessive economy and still exported it worldwide. Not really sure if this commercial makes perfect sense, although car companies were also in a phase of turmoil, car companies still feel the urge of talking about their product. Promoting an X3 in such a manner might seem appealing to a few, but then again touching a sensitive topic such as recession and relating that with progress: Well, not such a great idea.

Big Grab:

Winters are fun but the extremes demand a lot of heat. Right from your clothing to your boots to your car and even your steering has to be heated. That’s right, even the steering.

The Big Grab Ad from BMW is a 30 second smartly made commercial that has a very simple concept. 2 couples (I guess) run towards a car and close the doors. While the others are shivering and trying to grit their teeth because of the unbearable cold, the guy on the driver’s seat moans as if the winter gave him an orgasm. Turns out that the heated steering makes him feel warm and cuddly and in the end everybody gets a grip on the steering with a message, “Heated steering wheel, sharing optional”

Quite an impressive commercial that smartly puts the usage of the heated steering wheel in a rather complacent fashion. Quite a smart attempt by BMW to promote this technology at the Super Bowl.


Pollution is quite a concerning situation that brings about health changes and makes us ill. Being a necessary evil, pollution caused by vehicles needs to be changed, the solution, BMW X5 a clean, quiet and powerful BMW X5 with advanced diesel technology that solves most problems (Well, just the pollution problems, this car doesn’t come cheap, and that’s the problem) 😀

While we await the BMW super bowl commercial 2015, check out this Ad from the previous year.


Husband-Wife jokes never grow old and for that very same reason BMW has woven a smart commercial that focuses on BMW connected drive that reads emails.

This 3 series BMW super bowl commercial starts off with a guy who appears to be in his mid 30’s drives home and just before parking his car, he gets a mail from his wife stating that her mom has come over. The guy goes back in reverse with a funny little message. Watch the commercial to find out.


Hope you enjoyed all/most of them? 🙂

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BMW super bowl commercial 2015

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