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BMW S1000R – lot more than a bike

Naked bikes have become an essential part of the bikers’ world these days. This naked street bike market has found a great elevation due to their styling, performance and handling. 2014 has seen wide range of street riders and a tough competition for conquering the crown. Some machines made their way to the top in this epic battle. The BMW S1000R is a jewel at the topper list competing Aprilia Tuono V4R, Ducati Monster 1200, KTM 1290 Super Duke R. This competition is a big one to catch up, because except the S1000R the others have a superior engine configuration, but when it comes to performance all these machines share a closer margin.

Frankly speaking the BMW has fixed a reasonable price tag for this roadster with various special features that are synthesized with the bike’s body. If you take a KTM Super duke, it’s a mean machine offering more and more torque but the BMW gives you a fantastic road presence in addition to a punchy torque while the Ducati and Aprilia makes a tranquil rise to their top speeds.

Conquer the Asphalt on the S1000R

Now let us get deep into our subject, the S1000R. The BMW Motorrad has come up with its S1000R in a mindset of giving  the riders an experience of the legendary S1000RR stuffed in a naked bike. Yes, the S1000R and the S1000RR are siblings with a slight difference in design and performance. The S1000R uses the same 4-cylinder in-line engine derived from the S1000RR with a minor optimization which results in an extreme linear torque delivered for a constant forward actuation across the entire speed range. Focusing into the optimization we can find that the power has been cut out by 30bhp from that of ‘RR’ and the torque remains the same.

It seems that the BMW has declared that this power is enough for the naked bike. But trust me, the S1000R is nothing inferior to the RR with a reduced power, because the R will go wild on the streets. The 0-100km/h is attained at 3.1 seconds with the top speed of 275km/h which makes the S1000R the fastest for its engine configuration.

Technical Specifications:


If we look at the technical specifications listed by the manufacturer we may wonder how cool this machine has been designed. The street rider has an electronic fuel injected water/oil-cooled 4 cylinder engine using the 4-valve technology with a capacity of 999CC and two overhead camshafts. Theoretically the power has been rated as 160bhp at 11000 rpm with a maximum torque of 112Nm at 9,250 rpm. Here the maximum torque is a same number as that of the mighty S1000RR.

The most important area is the power transmission, this is taken care bya 6-speed constant-mesh gearbox supported with a multiplate anti hopping clutch unit. This provides the bike with a quick-shift between the gears, the engine can cruise at any speed at any gear which is probably an issue in the KTM Super Duke, Aprilia Tuono and Ducati Monster. I seriously admire the S1000R because the 100km/h is crossed at the first gear which is an impossible dream with my little FZ-S. Ok I was just kidding, the FZ-S doesn’t belong to this big league, but cruising above 100km/h at the first gear is an amazing experience. Well done BMW Motorrad 🙂 that’s a wonderful job you people have done with the design of that quick-shift gearbox.

Now let us take a look at the chassis configuration and the dimensional specifications with which the S1000R naked roadster has been built. The integral part, the frame has been made of aluminium composite material for a mixed result of light weight, good strength and corrosion resistance. The front and the rear suspension system are adjustable electronically for a good biking experience on a variety of roads. The brake system has been constructed with the same set of front and rear discs offered in the S1000RR. The front wheel has twin disc brake with the diameter and thickness of 320mm and 5mm respectively. The rear wheel has a single disc with a diameter of 220mm and thickness of 5mm. In addition to this the BMW Motorrad has given the BMW a Race ABS that can be controlled electronically. The R has a dimension of 2057mm X 845mm X 1228mm that is entirely different from the S1000RR. The fuel tank can carry 17.5l of fuel with an estimated fuel consumption of 5.4l per 100km at a constant speed of 90km/h and 0.2l extra for a same distance at 120km/h.

Main Highlights

BMW S1000R-01.JPG

The major attractions of this BMW machine is the cutting edge electronic system that provides a better company to support the rider with his biking experience. There are three riding modes that can be switched over to and be used on various conditions. These riding modes are programmed to provide a variation in throttling and torque on the go. So 4 riding modes that’s awesome, what are they? Rain mode, Road mode, Dynamic mode and Dynamic Pro mode… yes these are the four riding modes that can be switched using the simple menu available in the bike’s control display, ok the main display or speedometer unit.

The Rain mode offers a sensitive ASC/ABS response on wet road surface. The Road mode offers an optimum throttle and ASC/ABS response for an outstanding acceleration on dry roads. The Dynamic and the Dynamic pro mode is available on an optional package with DTC for very notorious riders who are happy to follow their own riding style without the full assist of ABS.

Not only this, the R has Dynamic Damping Control (DDC) and Dynamic Traction Control (DTC). I have mentioned DTC in the previous paragraph, before going to DTC let’s see what Dynamic Damping Control (DDC) is. The DDC is nothing but the ability of the roadster to adjust and adapt its suspension system within milliseconds according to the condition of the road surface. Whereas the Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) is nothing but an assistance system housing a sensor to prevent the rear wheel from slipping during low friction at roads and provide maximum possible throttle. In addition to this there is a wheelie control system and anti-rear lift system which ensures in providing maximum safety.

The Verdict

The BMW S1000R is a wonderful bike that deserves a lot of appreciation. Somewhere around the internet I have come across an article comparing the S1000R with the Nissan GT-R. It’s really a strange comparison, but the bike conquers your heart. If u are getting the same kind of experience at the price one tenth of the GT-R you will definitely go for it. And yeah I can write a 100 pages about this bike and its reading experience! The BMW S1000R is lot more than a bike as the title tells you. So if u are ready to spend on a 1000CC range street bike you can go for the S1000R.

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