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Faceoff: BMW 320d vs Audi A4


When it comes to building the most Eco friendly cars, BMW has remained  matchless till date . Bavarian Motor Works commonly know as BMW is one of the three giant  luxury automakers from Germany . BMW owns and produces Mini cars and is the proud parent company of ROLLS  ROYCE motor cars.The all new BMW 320d fastidiously continues the traditional design and the features of a BMW car . The sportingly sophisticated design creates an effect that it has been crafted  from a single mold without failing to strike with the aesthetics and the dynamics at your first glimpse of the vehicle . Even in its sixth generation , BMW 3 series has remained as one of a kind and one of  the most sold BMW cars world wide .Inspired by rich heritage of design and technology , the heart of the BMW appears in the modern and a fabulous  design.

The AUDI A4 is a series of compact executive cars manufactured by the German auto company Audi since the late 1990s , a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group. A lot of things have changed since its arrival but one thing has remained same – it is undoubtedly an Audi!  They have set a standard apart and has a class that you can never expect form the other line of luxury cars. The new Audi A4 is made with such craftsmanship and care that is has an ideal balance between performance, efficiency, sportsmanship, supremacy, intelligence and emotion.

Design and Exterior

Audi vs BMW


The 3series is a newer and more improved than the A4 and it looks and sounds real good . It gives you the feeling of its esteemed presence , more the heads that turn to see this machine running on the roads .In terms of visual appearance A4 cant match the stunning looks of the 3series. In the BMW 320d, the side view highlights the crisp contours .The most attractive feature is the extended ascending lines which gives it a stretched optical and also impressive dynamics.Like its predecessors the BMW 320d has a classic 3 box design – coupled with a stunning modern look. The design includes a long bonnet , short front over hang , larger wheel base and a rear-set that promises pure dynamics. The curves traversing from the front to the rear give out a styled coupe like look. Coming to the Audi A4  the three dimensionaly forged out bonnet rounded by a single frame , redesigned air inlets and the the front fog lights is the main attraction to the vehicle . The sleek body lines and contours define the classic saloon silhouette , which gives it a refined and elegant look.



The Audi’s interior are similar to its exteriors, but its just not able to match the BMW’s interiors in terms of looks and appearance. The BMW’s interiors manage to dazzle you with its prime quality of materials. It houses the driver with a state of the art guidance system and a cockpit feeling. Ample space design give optimum accesses to all important control functions on the instrument display panel . On the passengers side , a overwhelming atmosphere is created by the instrumental panel combining a sophisticated and a lavish look.High quality and standards are expected with the Audi A4 with its notable soft feel , Matt finish textures and bright work with pure precision assembly . On top of all this it has a classy premium compact saloon look. There is enough leg room and headroom in the rear and a generous boot that can be extended via split folding rear seats.The real disappointment here is the new dashboard which smoothly angles the instruments and the console center looks little outdated .

Engine and Performance 


Both the 177ps AudiA4  and the BMW 320 d sports line arrive with a 2-litre four cylinder , diesel engines . The Audi churns out a 177ps which is pretty obvious, while the BMW manages to churn out 184ps. Surprisingly the peak torque for both the mean machines are same ie. 380Nm .The major distinction between these cars is their gear box. The 320d uses a 8-speed torque converter in contrast the A4 uses the state of the art CVT technology. It is forged to work as an 8-speed auto and a rubber band effect associated with the CVT ( you just cant feel it even when you are driving in full auto mode ).  Even though the 320d gear box seems classy it allows to shift gears effortlessly in drive, in sport or in manual override mode . The Audi is truly a smooth diesel engine , with a spectacular accelerator response and wide power house that runs to a maximum of 5400 Rpm.

Taking the performance into account BMW 320d has nailed it completely ( let the figures do the talking ) : The BMW 320d achieves a higher horse power rating ,and with the 8-speed gear system – it has the capacity to zoom you from 0-100 kmph in just 7.6 seconds. While the Audi in contrast takes 7.8 secs to reach the same magic number. The 3series allows you to throttle all the way up to its maximum speed of 235kmph and the Audi Top speed is about 222kmph.

The Verdict 

BMW feels really better when put to hard core driving tests , the Audi A4 is just a simple, splendid car .The A4 has lighter steering better visibility and utterly silent ride. In terms  of performance , looks and the  ability to awe strike you – nothing even comes close to the BMW 320d. Combination of such fabulous economy and performance makes it the best car in its class .The BMW is more fun to ride. Its steering and response feels so alive, that it just keeps rising spirits higher and higher .

So the obvious winner is the BMW 320d sports line .

There might be some other reason that struck you to choose other cars over the 320d but its primarily  subjective and matters related to personal taste!

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