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BMW M4 — Unveiled On an Aircraft Carrier!!!

BMW has launched its M3 series in 2010 and it is taught to be as one of the most successful premium cars released in that year and through this car BMW has gained a huge reputation as well as clients throughout the world. With this success BMW was planning to release a new car in the same M series, and yup you get it right – it’s the M4 🙂 So BMW is planning to make this car to be as successful as its predecessor. It has unveiled their new M4 Coupe DTM safety car. By hearing this name you will obviously get a question, ” what is this safety car..?

As we know that premium brands like BMW release new cars with grand names such as Gran Turismo, Cabrio etc. but this car was released with a tag behind its name as “DTM safety car”. So,what on earth is this BMW’s DTM safety car? It is exclusively designed for the Moto GP when it was first revealed on the company’s Facebook page and now it sets its target towards the DTM racing and when it comes to safety the new BMW M4 is equipped with many features which includes the famous BMW M Performance parts and also a lot many things are made of carbon fiber which includes rear diffuser, mirror caps, rear spoiler and front splitter. We know that the carbon fiber is meant to decrease the weight of the car and also at the same time its heavy duty and strong enough to tackle road accidents. Hence, major car manufacturers are concentrating on carbon fiber instead of aluminum and iron mixture. It also gets a black grille, side skirts which are made as per aerodynamic principles and an exhaust system made from titanium. The model also has a DTM livery, a KW coil over suspension and emergency lights which are placed on the roof. These are some of the parts which are equipped on outside of the car.


BMW M4                                                                                                     Pic Courtesy: YouTube


When it comes to Interiors, BMW is a company which never compromises on anything. The inside of the car has some unique parts which are exclusively designed only for this car by the BMW group. It receives parts such as the Recaro racing seats, Schroth harnesses and carbon fibre trim and under the hood, it just follows the standard model i.e. from its predecessor BMW M3. The DTM safety car is equipped with a 3.0-litre Twin Power turbo six-cylinder engine which can develop a range of 429bhp and 550 Nm of torque and this speed monster is amazing with this power pact combination from both outside and as well as inside.

The Grand Release:

By looking at such exotic features we sure consider and expect a grand release for this monster of a car. BMW also thinks same and it has unveiled this monster on a never before race track [ oh yeah, you are getting it right 🙂 ]. For this grand release BMW selected an Aircraft carrier for the prestigious launch. BMW recently released a video flaunting this new car drifting over an aircraft carrier ( which many of you might have already seen it shared on Facebook ) . In this video, the M4 drifts along the edge of the Aircraft carrier CVN-74 ( a U.S Aircraft carrier ) and the amazing thing in this is that the CVN-74  is still a working US aircraft carrier. We know in the past, Land-Rover hired a retired U.S.S Intrepid aircraft carrier to unveil its Discovery Vision concept but unlike Land Rover, BMW flaunted the M4 on a working & very much active aircraft carrier! This video is trending all over the internet not only on video streaming websites like YouTube but also in Twitter, Facebook, Reddit as well. This video has got a whopping 3.2 million views, since its release and it’s quite amazing.


The BMW M4 Coupe was displayed at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show and it will hit the market in 2014 as a 2015 model. After its release this model can face a huge competition especially from Jaguar and Mercedes Benz as they are also planning to release their new car from their successful lineups.

Bottom Line: When it comes to bottom line we can definitely say that the new BMW M4 can be a huge success from its Predecessor and with this BMW can increase its reputation worldwide and with the great safety measures BMW can certainly prove that, it will always stay as an unbeatable pioneer in the automobile industry.

A proverb states that “The beginning is the most important part of the work” and BMW has already given a good start. All we have to do is wait for the result., which in our opinion – will ROCK !

2014 BMW M4 Coupe

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