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Bajaj Avenger – The Bhadsha of Indian cruisers

Bajaj Avenger  – a beast on the road with a vengeance of 220 cc ! Haha 🙂 Yes I call it the  ” Bhadsha of the INDIAN cruisers “, you will for sure nod your head  after reading through this post . Bajaj Avenger is the first of its kind home grown power cruiser manufactured by Bajaj Auto. The Design and making of this motorcycle, was inspired from Bajaj/kawasaki  ” Eliminator”   powered by a KAWASAKI engine. The Bajaj Avenger 180cc was the first and primitive model in 2005 . Then in 2007 arrived the  Avenger 200cc  into the Indian market. The contemporary model is the  ” Bajaj Avenger 220cc DTSi ” which is the most affordable and the most value for money cruiser in India .

Bajaj Avenger 220 DTSi

The Avenger has seen a remarkable growth since its arrival and has remained as milestone in journeyof  the home grown cruisers. The only competitor it has faced since is the Thunder Bird. A very interesting advancement in the newer version is  the third generation throttle ignition control system. This kind’a technology allows you to control the ignition directly from the throttle itself. This gives a a smooth drive with better balance between drive-ability and the optimum ignition spark. The result is perfect ignition spark for every throttle open.

If this is not thrilling enough let the figures do the talking  :

– It runs on its powerhouse, a 220cc  air cooled ,four stroke engine.

– It puts out a 18.8bhp with 1.8kgm of torque.

– That’s more than enough to propel you and the avenger to its tops speed of 114kmph ( before you run out of road ).

– It also has an attractive mileage ranging from 40-45 kmpl to satisfy our Indian mentality . I have personally seen it touch nearly 130 kmpl ( 127).

Design and Looks:

Avenger  has that elegant , gleemy look of a cruiser and the power of a sports bike . It has shiny chrome finishing on the fuel tank, which gives a edge to its looks and also the chrome finishing on the sides and the exhaust gives it an even more attractive look. A large 14 lit capacity tank gives better look and extra storage. Its long handles and the added windshield sets aside its own kind of driving trend. It’s the most wanted beautiful beast & personally I like the way it looks  more than the Thunder Bird ( oh yeah ).. It has a cool looking speedometer , odometer and an added battery life indicator on its body. I am pretty confident that once you give it a test drive for sure you will become a die hard fan of the Avenger



The Bajaj Avenger for sure gives a dream come true driving experience . You name it , cursing on a highway or gliding through the hectic city traffic, the Bajaj Avenger always has the edge & never ceases to impress you. It’s the new trend setting style of biking among the youth. It can be called the ” THE BEAU BESTIA ” which means the beautiful beast 🙂

  • Avenger has that low-slung body and a unique sitting posture which gives you and your vehicle a very good look while driving  and also better dynamics which again gives a better performance.

  • Its seat is made of a duel density material making ride’s really comfortable and pleasant to sit on. Interestingly it has a back rest for the pillion rider.

  • Usually when your bike battery runs out the only way you can find out is when the engine doesn’t self start . Well you don’t need to worry about that if you have an Avenger as it has an added feature for low battery indication .

  • The lastest advanced techonology DTSi Engine ,IGNITION WITH A DIGITAL C.D.I. ,TRICS III ,EXHAUSTEC .  makes it the best buy in its range.

  • When you press on the throttle you can feel that amazing jerk , that power rushing  from the engine which accelerates your bike like the wind ( I personaly love that feeling when you ride an Avenger )

  • The back wheels and the front wheels have been fitted with larger disc brakes which gives you smoother deceleration and added safety for you and the vehicle.

  • The Bajaj Avenger is so light weight when compared to other cruisers and is designed to have  low center of gravity giving it a better grip and extraordinary stability at higher speeds.

  • That unique Forward foot sitting posture sets it apart from all the other bikes and makes it the most comfortable ride.

  • Bajaj Avenger gives an option for  those riders who wish to have a windshield to achieve that  chopper look and also to protect themselves from debris flying off the roads .

  • With all these attractive fractures , beautiful looks and  also being so  affordable makes it the best buy in the Indian motorcycle market ( oh man I really cant stop raving about this machine )

Cons :

  • Comparing the mileage it gives to those other economic bikes  like discover its rather disappointing

  • Personally I felt the only glitch it had was that it has a rigid gear changing system.The gear changing mechanism should have been smoother and better.

  • If you are a tall and a hefty person its low lying posture might be not feel so comfortable for you.

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