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Audi super bowl commercial 2015 – a look

German engineering at its finest is what drives Audi. While various competing brands were promoting their latest cars, Audi had various tricks up its sleeves to promote their cars in a different manner. Super Bowl is no advertisers joke, with plenty of money at stake and a whole lot of responsibility on the creative agency (ies)

Below, are a few commercials that made Audi a strong contender among other rivals at the Super Bowl. Although all the commercials might not be as impressive as you’d expect, a few of them are worth enjoying. Sit back, relax and try to enjoy these commercials, while we await the Audi super bowl commercial 2015

5. Blood Suckers Beware!!

If you are a teenager (girl) and you like movies, odds are that you probably like a vampire movie over the normal ones. Audi had created a commercial to give vamps, a taste of their own blood.

As a part of promoting the vehicle’s sharp headlights, Audi features an Ad that goes beyond the regular belief and tries a bit of spoof and friendly humor with the concept of vampires. This Audi super bowl commercial starts off with a few teenagers enjoying a late night party in the woods, sounds pretty normal right?

Turns out that these teenagers are blood sucking vamps who are awaiting a friend who has a very specific party booster (any guesses?) and once he reaches the spot in his Audi, the vamps are destroyed by the sharp light of the vehicle.

Ok, so this might sound a tad lame, especially if you are a guy, but then isn’t it a good thing that vampires are obliterated by an awesome car?

4. Green Cops:

Released in the year 2010, Audi’s Green Police was a Super Bowl Ad that showcased eco-enforcing Green Police that seem to run a police state of sorts. Arresting criminals is common but arresting a man for choosing a plastic bag at a checkout counter or may be storming a house for battery discarded in the garbage and handcuff another man on his front porch in a light bulb crackdown, sounds like the kind of thing that beats the word overrated right?

Presenting Audi’s A3 TDI, a clean diesel five seater car that delivers 42 miles per gallon on the highway, so named “green car of the year”, this Audi super bowl commercial had various controversies raised.


3. Prom:

Bravery is what defines us!!

Are your hormones raging for some pulverizing action? Audi’s “Prom” Super Bowl advertisement hits the spot.

What Prom is to a guy, an Audi is to its fan. This Audi super bowl commercial brings out the best in a scrawny looking guy so much so that even when he has no date on prom night, his dad gives him the keys to his Audi, he drives it to school and heads straight to the prom queen and plants a kiss (that requires some serious guts). It does take serious ball$ to do that, the result of his brevity is shown on the red patch on his eye (wonder how he got that :P)

This is a good commercial because it has the youth friendliness combined with plausible action and sequences that can most likely happen to anyone. This is a good attempt by Audi to promote its beast.

Watch and enjoy J

2. Prison Break:

“Escape the confines of old luxury”

Sophisticated robbery with pleasing humor constitutes a great Audi A8 super bowl Ad. Watch this incriminating commercial as a few aged, sophisticated gentlemen who try breaking out of an extravagant prison of sorts. After performing back-breaking stunts that seem impossible for their age, watch as the commercial gives you a few hints of humor and also keeping up to the entire sketch of the prison break.

Once the two prisoners are out, there are two vehicles in front of them, a chauffeur opening the doors of a Mercedes and an Audi A8 parked just beside it. While, one prisoner chooses to go with the Mercedes that leads him directly to prison, the other escapee drives out in style.

The Audi A8 promotes contemporary luxury and urges the buyers to choose what’s new in luxury over the conventional trap of old luxury.

Again, a good attempt by Audi to develop a smart commercial, which sticks to the main point.

1. God Father:

This is another classy commercial of the Audi R8 that recalls the Godfather movie. This Audi super bowl commercial shows a rich man awaking in his bed and finds that he is covered in oil and grease rather than being covered in blood. He also finds that his old car bumper and grill is placed at his foot of the bed under the covers rather than a horse head.

The message is pretty clear, “Old luxury has been put on notice” the camera pans out of the mansion front and showcases the new Audi R8 luxury sports car that revs its engine and leaves the scene of the crime.

If you have watched Godfather movie, you will be able to figure out the reference. It is a smart attempt by Audi to promote the R8 in a peculiar style.


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Audi super bowl commercial

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