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DATING DORSODURO 750 – Beauty from Aprilia!!!

Born in Italy, Aprilia is a small unit of Piaggio that manufactures the successful scooter, Vespa. Aprilia however, is a race winning sports bike unit. The world had witnessed the legendary sports bikes; the RSV Mille (1000 cc’s of brutal power that comes from a V-twin Super bike, the that rolled out of Aprilia’s manufacturing unit and not to forget the RSV4 .

Who wouldn’t want to hear it roar right?

Sounded to me like a tiger roaring away to glory.

One of the recent stunning bikes from Aprilia was the Dorsoduro 750. The name Dorsoduro means “Hard Back” or something that is really tough and strong by nature. These elements have been incorporated in the 750. Being aggressive yet holding a charm, the 2013 Aprilia 750 has been in my attention radar for quite some time. Let’s take a look at the bike’s features and its worth on Indian Roads.


Aprilia had given the Dorsoduro 750 a contemporary beginning. The all new 750 was brawnier than its previous cousins and received a new engine upgrade apart from the normal discernible features. A strong built complemented with nimble reflexes made the Dors d-750 a sagacious possession.

Aprilia Dorsoduro 750
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As obvious as the name gets, the bike has a 750 cc 90 Degree V-Twin Engine that unleashes 92 HP power @ 8750 RPM and producing 82 Nm torque.

Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 review
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The well built revolutionary engine is mounted upon the bike’s unique mixed trellis and aluminum frame that made handling as smooth as winking.


A 4-piston radial caliper brake is fitted on the front with 320mm floating wave disks. The bike is also built for safety and to spice things up, the bike has a sophisticated 2 channel continental ABS system just to keep you extra safe.

Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 features
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The Dorsoduro 750 has integrated technology that is adapted from Aprilia Racing (simply the best) reinstating the pre-eminent technology be collaborated drom super-sports and racing super-motards.


The impeccable design is just not enough to convince a hearty racer and so Aprilia has focused on the technology as well.  Apart from the 4-piston calipers, wave disks the 750 also has a hydraulic wet clutch, adjustable front and rear suspension, Tri-Map ride by wire engine management, also a matrix instrument display with an on board computer.

Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 review
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Techno savvy much?


The 90 Degree V twin liquid cooled Engine is mated to the bike and it has four valve heads, double overhead cam. The bike has an electronic fuel injection system with state of the art injectors. Various light weight materials contribute to the diet friendliness of the bike such as; modular steel trellis, aluminum alloy frame etc.The forks are fully adjustable, the biker feels safe and confident on this majestic 750 cc beast. It brings you closer to the Aprilia’s world of racing.


There are three different performing modes that the rider can choose from; Sport, Rain and Touring. These modes can be controlled with a dedicated switch that is found on the handlebar. The touring mode allows a smooth riding capability which helps the rider cruise at ease, the Sports mode makes you go insanely fast and the Rain mode allows you to gain control over wet and slippery roads.


The Dorsoduro has a combination of analog and digital instruments that receive the data over a CAN line which helps in the diagnostics and hence it is rightly named Matrix instrumentation. The instruments are ultra compact and stick to the bike’s persona (light weight and absolutely efficient) Even the LED tail light has been focused on. The backlight appears white in the analog area while it burns red in the digital area and the levels of brightness can be adjusted accordingly. The handle bars are also very efficient; Aprilia has fitted Dual Taper Anodized Aluminum Handle Bars that resemble those used in the racing super motards.

Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 specifications
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Although the Dorsoduro 750 isn’t officially available in India, the 2013, the bike costs about US $ 10,000/- (around Rs. 6 lakhs)

It would be a sure shot hit in India considering its power and features.


A sturdy bike with a steady brain and a lot more to look forward to than the previous models. Hoping for the 750 to make its appearance in India.

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