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Appscrip Car Rental Software Review

RoadYo by Appscrip is a car rental software that is an Uber clone Script for iOS and Android is a new kid on the block but the performance of this app is very good so far; though it’s bene just 2 years to its launch. This technically advanced car booking application offers on-demand taxi booking services anywhere in the world. The app source code is very neat and uses latest technologies to produce flawless functioning and fast-running apps. The technologies that they are employing are NodeJS, MongoDB, Pubnub for web-scalability.

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Why Buy RoadYo?

The app has secured payment gateways for the customers to carry secure payment. Their payment system is in compliant with PCI to avoid any legal issues during online transactions. To add further, the app supports multi-linguality so if you want your Didi Chuxing Clone with Chinese language support or your very own Careem Clone with Arabic language support, there can nothing be better than Roadyo.

RoadYo taxi dispatch software comes with Mobile App support for both passengers and for drivers. The Uber Clone Passenger App is a great taxi tracking app and helps to book cabs effortlessly. The Uber Clone Driver App assists drivers with their Mobile Booking requests.

How the car rental software works for your customers?

For a customer, booking a ride is also a very easy process- once the booking is done, the task is directed to the nearest available driver in a robin-round manner and the driver who responds first is served the customer first. This all happens through a web dispatch system. Once the driver has started to hit the road for the client pickup, he can be tracked via map and once the driver arrives, a PUSH NOTIFICATION is sent to the admin and the customer also receives the SMS notification updating about the arrival of the driver.
The moment the trip starts, the billing also starts. After the trip is over, the driver either gets paid through COD or through direct payment and the customer gets a receipt of the fare and a separate email is sent to the customer for the fare details.
The software also supports a SMS gateway for some extra payment. If used, this will allow the app to update about the live tracking URL to anyone from his contacts via SMS.

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Appscrip Review

This on-demand car rental system software has all the features that you need to run your vehicle rental business. Nothing comes foolproof in this world. If there are positives, there are negatives as well.

The Pros

  • The User registration is a hassle-free and quick signup and taxi booking process. The software uses Twilio for SMS verification of contact numbers.
  • The app supports the usual login procedure based on the personal credentials.
  • The credit card credentials are secure in the database.
  • The drivers can add their bank details via the admin interface securely for cash-less payment on the app.
  • The customers have the facility to register their friend for the REFERRAL CODE / PROMO CODES (ADD-ON).
  • The discount codes are available through email. Both the first-time visitors can have an easy access to it as well as the referrers.
  • The vehicles available can be tracked through the app, and the admin can setup the vehicle type and other specifications through the user-friendly admin interface.
  • The basic user features are also available like entering the destination address, comparing the fare estimates (based on the pickup and drop location using the google API), confirm payment method they wish to opt for. The customer can share the referral code through social media channels like FB, Twitter, etc.
  • For admins to manage their car rental software, there couldn’t be a better app than this where they can help themselves with the targeted marketing. That is, creating the promotions in the backend and doing the push notifications or the handle the email campaigns. This is a great add on to have to increase the virility of the app and get more users to use the app.
  • For drivers, their history can be tracked.

The Cons

  • Much said and done, the app was produced with the aim to help the travelling companies but not many people are happy using the app. Lots of bugs have been reported in the app.
  • Getting the app customized is a big headache and even in many cases, the app is a total failure as the customers didn’t got what they had expected out of this product.
  • The customer care isn’t cooperative at all.
8.5 out of 10
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