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APPOETS Uber Clone Script Review

It is a nightmare to imagine a world where there are no public transport system. Our life will entirely come to a halt. Now the question is what made us so much dependent on the public mode of transport?

Coming to cosmopolitan cities of the world, majority of the people commuting in the public transport system have been found to have a technological or intellectual mode of living. They prefer to have a tension free and safe transport, at the meantime they could concentrate on their work.

uber clone script

With the emergence of companies like Uber and Lyft the global taxi booking business have entered into a new era. They have not only revolutionized the cab booking business but also taken the business to a whole new level. It won’t be incorrect to say that the common mass have been Uberified.

With the success of Uber, the cab booking business have become one of the most lucrative one attracting many mid level business owners to venture into this domain. As a result of which there has been a rise of software companies who have released their own uber clone script to cater to the needs of the time.

What inspired Appoets to develop their own Uber clone script?

Appoets is an independent web development company specializing in web and mobile application development. They have offices in Singapore, India, and Bangkok and have a clientele of some of the most distinguished companies in the world. With the increasing demand for uber clone scripts, the company has taken the initiative to bring their own state of the art product into the market.

What makes their product unique?

Having said all, now let’s have a look at the features that makes this product different from that of its competitors.

  • Talk to the Driver : A customer can call or message the driver from within the app.
  • Feedback : A customer can read the reviews about the driver and also a driver can review a customer with an integrated review and feedback system.
  • Real time tracking : With enhanced GPS tracking it is possible to track the drivers en route.
  • Profile Creation : A customer can create a secured profile and it is also possible to login with social media accounts like Facebook and Google+ just in case the customer wants to escape the laborious process of registration.
  • Promo Codes : A business owner can initiate promo codes in certain cities with the help of this feature.
  • Surge Pricing : At heavy rush hours the price gets increased by the help of surge pricing so that it can motivate the drivers to pick a customer at rush hours.
  • Service Type Selection : A customer can select the type of vehicle that he desires right from the app itself.
  • Cancellation :  A customer if at all changes his mind can cancel the booking anytime.
  • Pay with Bitcoin : One of the striking features of this app that makes it different from all its competitors is the bitcoin payment mode. It is possible to make the payment with bitcoin or ripple coin in this app.
  • Cross Platform : Both the mobile app and the web app are well synchronized.
  • Full-Featured Admin Panel : The admin panel takes full control of everything. Any updates need to be done can be done instantly from the admin panel.
  • Online Payment : It is possible to make online payments with Paypal and credit card.

What are the customers saying?

“Appoets is flawless. Be it any customization, they will let you know the feasibility with a prompt response – CUFT

“Being a fortune 500 company our tech is more sacred to us. Appoets ensured security in every way – Lia & Fung Limited

“Kudos to team Appoets ! – Fast Track Call Taxi

What else is needed?

Although Appoets have managed to create an incredible piece of software there are certain features that are found to be missing. Let’s have a bird’s eye view of all the features that should have been there in the app.

  • Airport Ride Sharing : As it is very difficult to find a taxi ride to the airport at rush hours, there should be a provision for airport booking. Not only a customer can book a ride to the airport at a scheduled time but also the ride could be shared with a fellow passenger so that the overall fare could be more affordable.
  • Offline Booking : Running a customer-centric business comes with lots of responsibilities. As a potential business owner, you should take care of the fact that the customer is able to book a ride even he is not in the possession of internet. A call center management feature takes care of that.
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