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APPICIAL On Demand Taxi App Review

Our life is greatly influenced by the type of software we use. Well, the reason is very simple it is a human tendency to get addicted to its habitual chores. Nowadays we are so much addicted to the uber clone scripts that we use every day now and then that we never cared to give it a second thought as to how it is revolutionizing our life.

uber clone script

Every one of us living in a metropolitan has been Uberified in lot many ways. Since its conception Uber has changed the very course of Taxi booking business. The raging success of this global conglomerate has lured many businessmen and enterprises around the world to start a similar business of their own.

This has led to the design of uber clone scripts by many software companies to provide their clients the best uber alternative. These uber clones are nothing but the exact replica of the original software, having all its functionalities with a little more addition or customization as per the client’s requirement.

What inspired Appicial to create Lataxi?

Appicial specializes in mobile application development, especially in on-demand taxi booking apps. They are a team of dedicated professionals who are highly experienced in this domain and passionate to go the extra mile when it comes to excellence. With a lot of companies into the uber clone script making business, there is still a lack of a highly scalable and customizable product.

With that concept in mind, Appicial and its team of experts decided to come up with their own product. Within a very short span of time since its conception Appicial has managed to serve some of the most distinguished clients in this domain like Skuber, Nickel Ride, Bestaxi and Alo Crane among others.

How Appicial’s Uber Clone Script is different from the others?

From a buyers perspective, it is very important to know the details of the software that you are planning to buy. Let’s have a look at the features that make Appicial different from that of its competitors and how much scalable it would be for a new business owner.

  • Full Ownership : The software is available for licensing which gives 100 percent ownership of the source code to the clients.
  • Brand Promotion : The company believes in clients growth and to achieve this it can run brand promotional campaigns like designing logos, icons, flyers and brochure for the client.  
  • Secure Authentication : The customer’s information is safe as the app is enabled with secure authentication by the use of Oauth 2.0 authentication system and secure API’s.
  • Voice Activated Navigation : A soothing voice guides the driver all along the way to complete the journey by a voice based navigation system.
  • Multi Language and Currency Support : The support for multiple languages and currency makes the app truly global. Wherever your customer is, the app gets adjusted to the location and gets automatically adjusted.
  • Driver Availability : The driver can make himself available or unavailable just from a single tap from his app.
  • Trip History : It is important to keep track of all the trips for the future access. Both the driver app and the passenger app is provided with trip history feature as a result of which the riders, as well as the drivers, can view the detailed history that includes both the payment history and ride history.
  • Emergency Contact : The passenger can send help messages to 3 email ids and contact numbers in case of any emergency.
  • Car Category : The passengers can search cars for different categories and the cost for hiring a particular model is displayed right to the car.
  • Rating : After every trip, the passenger is prompted to rate the trip. Ratings help the business owner to understand the demand and necessity of the customers.
  • Fare Information : Smart fare estimator calculates the trip fare before the journey and also includes additional surcharges automatically.
  • Destination Search : Suggestions are thrown automatically based on keywords when a user tries to make a booking.
  • Live Tracking : With the help of GPS it is easy to keep track of the driver and also the customer. By the help of this the admin can send relevant information to the driver.
  • Wait Time : This feature displays the waiting time a nearest available driver takes to reach the rider’s location.
  • Open to Customization : The app is fully customizable as per the requirement and demand of the client.

How it can be made better

Every software needs to change and with the passage of time needs to acquire certain functionalities to enhance. Although Appicial’s uber clone script is one of its kind, still there are certain features that are needed to be added in the upcoming versions.

  • Airport Ride Sharing : Why do you need an airport ride sharing feature? Well to answer this question let’s take a real-life scenario. Imagine a customer from a busy metropolitan city wanting to book a taxi to catch a flight but is unable to find a taxi and even though he manages to find a taxi he is getting delayed by a number of toll gates before reaching the airport. The airport sharing feature comes with automatic fare calculation of the toll booths right before starting the trip. Even it is possible to book the ride at a future time and share the ride with a fellow passenger.
  • Call Center Management : Why do you need a call center management feature? To answer this question I assume the targeted audience is a potential business owner. There are certain circumstances when your customer may find it difficult to book a ride due to unavailability of wifi or internet connection. In such a situation all he can do is place a call to the customer care and get the booking done. The admin can then send the pickup location and all other relevant details to the driver.
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