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The All New Skoda Octavia – an expert review

The all new Skoda Octavia is inspired by sharp looks and elegant feel. The new Octavia is totally different from the old Octavia. The only similarity is its name. The front grille, the curves, the badge and even its dimensions are different from the old Octavia. The new Octavia is bigger, plusher and better than the previous one. It is based on Volkswagen MQB or modular querBaukasten platform which is a modular kit system developed by Volkswagen for all FWD (front wheel drive) cars with transversely mounted engines in its family range.

New Skoda Octavia


The styling of the Octavia is straight forward and sharper making it look mature without any gaudy curves. The car looks much stronger and aggressive with the front end design and sleek headlamps with day time LED. The headlamps come with Xenon lights for better visions during nightfall. It also comes with C-shaped tail lamps.


Coming to the interior it feels like a whole new world with soft touch plastic. The dash has a sharper look with straight lines and the elegant finish around it. The dashboard is clad in a combination of black and ivory. It comes with a 2 zone climate control which makes you feel cosy and pleasant. The centre console has a touchscreen audio system with USB, AUX-in ports and Bluetooth connectivity. It also comes with a sat-nav which is useful in city driving. The glove box houses a CD changer and even has cooling functions with a controller. The instrument panel is simple yet elegant and offers comprehensive readouts. The seats are electrically adjustable in 12 ways and made of ivory leather. They are large, comfortable and provide passengers with a comfortable journey. The driver seat too has quite a lot to offer. The steering is rack and pinion with power assist. Skoda has also worked on its safety adding 6 airbags, ABS and EBD with multi collision brake system which comes with a 5 start euro NCAP rating. The Skoda has increased its wheelbase in order to give more leg room. The tyres of Skoda offer a good grip too.

Now coming to the boot space, the new Octavia sports a notchback design and offers acres of boot space. It offers 590 litres of space when the seats are upright, and what is more interesting is when the seats are down. It offers 1580 litres of space with the seats down.

New Skoda Octavia interiors

Under the hood:
The new Skoda Octavia comes with 4 -cylinder and 2.0 litre TDI engine that produces a maximum power of 143 bhp at 4000rpm and a torque of 320 Nm at 1750rpm.For those who are petrol heads the Skoda is going to release its vrs model shortly which pumps 220bhp from its 2.0 litre turbocharged engine. The diesel engine of the Octavia starts up with a little crackle but it is way better than any other diesel cars. The Octavia can speed up in no time as there is an ample amount of power on the tap. It moves on to 100kmp in less than 9 seconds after starting it. The 6 speed gearbox is very easy to use and requires very minimal gear changes. The Octavia is a very driver friendly car which stays planted even at high speeds. The steering set up is well balanced making it poised and composed. However with low speeds the ride can get a little bumpy.
Audi, Skoda and Volkswagen share the same engine and therefore the ride of the new Octavia is almost at par with the Audi which is very obvious, making it the best ride in the luxury segment. It offers almost everything a customer is looking forward to in a big sedan. On the whole it is very comfortable, has a sublime ride and refined motor which is very powerful when compared to other sedans.
The new Skoda Octavia is priced at 16-19 lakh and has a very impressing fuel efficiency of 20.6 kmpl (ARAI). It also has a very interesting top speed of 190 kmph. It comes with a monocoque chassis. The diesel car has a fuel capacity of 50 litres and the kerb weight is 1340 kg. What attracts the customers even more is a 3 years unlimited km warranty on the car.

Bottom Line:

After reading all this it’s quite difficult for one to find faults with the car. But nothing comes perfect. Compared to the old one it isn’t as much fun-to-drive. It lacks the old Octavia’s emotion and it is also quite pricey. But on the whole we can say that Octavia is purely a driver’s car. It performs faster and drives better. It is also very luxurious and comes with most bells and whistles. The boot space is main highlight of this car. We can therefore conclude that the all new Skoda Octavia is the MAN IN SUIT.

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