Acura Super Bowl commercial 2015 and previous Ads

Acura, the luxury vehicle division of the Japanese auto maker Honda Motor Company has made a strong presence felt in the United States and Canada since March 1986.

Luxury and performance are two of the highest selling propositions of the brand. The brand has its rooting in Mexico as well as China. Acura is among the best-selling luxury cars in the US. With new and improved designs along with the introduction of new models post the year 2000, the brand has picked up a good pace.

Co-existing with various other brands, Acura is a notch higher when it comes to marketing and advertising. The Japanese company is undoubtedly techno-friendly with all its cars. But, advertising is a crucial factor. Super Bowl is one of the biggest platforms for such companies to increase credibility as well as the awareness of their brand.

A 30 second commercial costs around $ 4 million but, the awareness and trust is priceless. Acura has had a fair share of some of the most frisky and cheerful commercials. The following Acura Super Bowl commercials should entertain you for a while. Have a look.

Jerry Seinfeld:

Jerry Seinfeld, the richest actor in the world is known to endorse Acura ad series. This Acura Super Bowl commercial shows the comedian looking for an Acura sports car, the sales man tells him that it has been sold. Seinfeld takes a shot at trying to convince the guy who bought the car through his entertaining methods, giggles, laughs and a whole lot of that.

The ending of this commercial also features Jay Leno entering into the competition. There isn’t any better way to promote the NSX model, especially when the commercial features these popular faces and also features an alien. It’s a little funny, a little mood smoothing and overall a great Ad from Acura.

Let the race begin:

Nothing beats the original. This Acura Super Bowl commercial shows a race track and a couple of horses that are ready to race. But the twist here is that these horses are robots. All except one, while it seems that the race goes in favor of the robots because of their mean and aggressive look, their massive power, nothing challenges the original. As the Ad progresses, the mighty robots are overtaken by a sprinting stallion. The stallion represents Acura and the successful legacy that the brand carries as opposed to various other brands that are depicted by normal functioning robots.

Calvin Johnson:

One thing that sets apart a football player than the rest is his aggression. This Acura Super Bowl commercial shows the famous American football wide receiver, Calvin Johnson Jr. from the Detroit Lions of the NFL (National Football League) who is transformed from an aggressive looking football player. By changing his attire and removing all his tattoos that depict aggression of sorts, Calvin Johnson Jr. dresses up in the most elegant fashion. This same comparison is done with the newly refined Acura TL. This car had undergone various design changes in the year 2012 and hence this Ad shows no extra selling proposition but this.

This is an elegant and sophisticated commercial that portrays aggression in an elegant manner.

My way:

Building a car takes a lot more than just sketching out a concept, building one and producing plenty. The Acura 2015 TLX commercial shows the hard work, motivation and innovative thoughts that Acura’s team put in completely to build the new TLX. It’s just not just about luxury, there is a lot more that happens to the car. With rigorous tracks, rocky terrains that would leave the car bleeding from all bolts, the Acura team put forward their best thoughts, best brains and the best of everything. This Acura Super Bowl commercial is one that does not exaggerate about the car or its technology, it shows you what goes behind making such a pretentious car that is capable of much more than luxury.

Made for Mankind:

Mankind has always pushed the boundaries of everything. They have questioned everything, they are on their verge of learning everything new every day, and they push the boundaries of what’s possible. Acura’s 2014 MDX SUV commercial speaks about pushing boundaries and exploring newer territories with its extremely new MDX.

Comedians in Car:

Acura has teamed up with Jerry Seinfeld as well as director Barry Sonnenfeld for a round of comic commercial series that shows a car sales man selling cars with style.

“I sell cars, you sell you”

A pretty accurate statement and the commercial sticks to its point, Acura commercials are quite logical and BS free. Have a look at the following Acura Super Bowl commercial.

Hope you liked these commercials, stay tuned for more 🙂

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Acura Super Bowl commercial

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