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Sneak-Peek Into The 2016 Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Harley Davidson gains popular all across India with its miraculous rides. The brand is popular worldwide and it gains popularity with the increasing amount of riders.

The company has announced updates to its existing bikes with new style enhancements, new tweaks and a new style.  Pallavi Singh, director (Marketing), Harley-Davidson India said, This is another historic year for Harley-Davidson. We’re raising the bar on Dark Custom motorcycles with the new Iron 883, Forty-Eight and Street 750, the purest expression of the design. And we’re extending our lead in touring with the return of the Road King and redesign of the popular Heritage Softail Classic.”

Here is an article on some of the newest bikes and upgrades to be expected:

Iron 883 and the Forty-Eight (New sportsters):

Under the Sportster segment comes the all-new Iron 883. The new Iron 883 Sportster comes equipped with new and sturdy front and rear suspension. They will also carry comfortable and supportive seats that come with a high-quality cover. These bikes come equipped with nitrogen-charged shock absorbers are said to offer improved damping in compression and rebound. Furthermore, these bikes feature internal valve stacks with 36mm pistons and upgraded oil, the shocks are designed work well over small bumps, helping keep the Sportster’s rear tire in contact with the road on uneven surfaces. The bikes also have under-seat wrench to adjust spring-preload via threaded collars on the new shocks.

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Harley says the new Iron 883 is purposefully raw and rough, boasting a look that’s inspired by garage-built bobbers of the past and present. Thanks to its upgraded suspension, lightweight cast wheels, and comfortable seat, the Dark Custom Sportster will likely stay on Harley’s best-seller list for 2016. These bikes have big front tires and large forks.

The bikes also have dark and monstrous looks. With the new Iron 883, you are assured of raw and rough edges that compliment the modern design that is inspired by garage-built bobbers. It also increases the rider’s comfort and control to smooth the roads ahead. The Forty-Eight on the other hand has a menacing stance thanks to the burly front tire, mag wheels that come as a surprise and massive front end with 49 mm forks. The bikes reminisce of retro times and have cues to perfect the ratio of black colour with the right amount of chrome.


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Indian roads can definitely be easy to tame (especially the rough ones) with the sportsters proving their performance with the new front and rear-suspensions. The re-engineered Sportsters have coil-over shocks with new front cartridge forks. It also has a triple-rate spring as well as oil lock that allow the forks to resist wheel hop under hard braking.


Fat Boy S and Softail Slim S:

The S series limited edition cruisers are more valuable with the limited edition tag aren’t they?

Well, sources suggest that the 2016 Fat Boy S and 2016 Softail Slim will get the Screamin’ Eagle Twin Cam 110 engine. As such, Harley says these new 2016 cruisers, which have an updated “dark” look, will deliver the extra engine performance that was once the exclusive domain of the CVO (Custom Vehicle Operations) models.


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Road Glide Ultra:

The Road Glide seemed to have vanished from Harley’s manufacturing unit. Well, at least for 2 years. The Road Glide Ultra is going to make a great comeback in 2016. With an enhanced style, better aerodynamics, and improved long-distance ergonomics for rider and passenger, you can be sure to put a pedal to this hotrod. The 2016 Road Glide Ultra will carry the Twin-Cooled High Output Twin Cam 103 engines, the liquid cooling on which boosts power and torque and shedding engine heat away from the rider and passenger. The frame-mounted fairing (with Day maker LED headlight) is new.


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Heritage Softail Classic:
The Heritage Softail classic brings back Harley’s heritage.  This bike is a great combination of nostalgia that balances style with the right amount of Softail performance. Styling aside, the new Heritage Softail classic carries a High Output Twin Cam 103 engine. That said, it also carries standard electronic cruise control and a stronger support structure for the soft saddlebags.


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Street 750 and Street 500:

The Street 750 has noticed plenty of Indian roads. But news is that the new 2016 Street 750 based on customer feedbacks comes with various tweaks. The improved 750 models come with improved brakes and are developed in conjunction with brembo. This is certainly going to improve the confidence and would offer more inspiration on the roads. This sure seems like a much needed upgrade since the last roll out.


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Bottom Line:

These models are coming to dealerships near you. While some of you might have already taken a sneak peek at some new Harleys, Indian roads are sure to rumble.

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