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2015 Volkswagen Polo Unveiled

The 2015 Volkswagen Polo has been officially launched. Although the new face lifted Polo is not a total revamp of the popular hatch, the new model adds a touch of flash that was lacking in the previous generation. Sadly, the India bound model was not endowed with the stylish Passat inspired LED DRLs or the impressive, upmarket music system, the new Polo features an all-new engine lineup that is sure to draw a lot of attention to this German hatchback.

Let’s take a look at what the new model has to offer.

2013 volkswagen polo
Current Gen Polo Used As Reference


Styling wise, the 2015 Volkswagen Polo more or less remains the same. With sharp straight lines and neat creases across the body of the hatch, the Polo makes for a very clean design. The introduction of smoked headlights on the previous model helped build its reputation as a youth icon. The 2015 face-lift also features redesigned front and rear bumpers. The front end now sports a slightly reworked grille along with a dash of chrome along the lower bumper as well as the lower half of the grille. The 15 inch alloys now feature a revised design, however, the choice of design may not prove to be too popular among buyers. The most distinguishing trait of the rear end is the revised tail lamp cluster design. The new Volkswagen Polo will also be introduced with an all-new orange paint job.


The interiors have received a major revamp with one of the biggest changes being the steering wheel. The three spoke design has evolved into a sportier flat bottom style wheel complete with an array of steering mounted controls. The wheel also sports a gloss metal finish further improving the overall aesthetic of the car. The center console is now finished in brushed silver that adds contrast to the all back dashboard. Each A/C vent is now adorned with chrome garnish and the instrument cluster now sports a white back light as opposed to the deep red of the outgoing model.


The recent NCAP tests performed on some of the cars here in India have shed valuable light on the sheer lack of interest that most manufacturers have when it comes to safety. Somewhere between the manufacturers’ zest to cut costs and our Government’s apathy, the Indian consumer was forgotten and as a result, was provided with a dizzying selection of cars that are far below the required safety standards. Although manufacturers cannot be fully blamed for the poor standards adopted by the automotive industry, the companies’ lack of sentiment to the future of the consumer did not aid in the building of a safer future.

Thankfully, Volkswagen has understood this, better than most manufacturers and has equipped dual airbags as standard across all variants of the new Polo. The range topping model also comes with ABS for even better safety.


Volkswagen has also made a few changes under the bonnet as well. While both the standard petrol as well as the GT TSI variants will not feature any new engine updates, the diesel unit now sports an all-new 1.5 L mill. This new 1.5 L four pot will replace the rather noisy 3 cylinder turbocharged engine in the standard diesel variant. The new engine comes with the latest in tech including a variable geometry turbo that improves performance and provides a flat torque curve without sacrificing fuel economy. The new engine is more powerful and less noisy. Producing 90 PS @ 4200 RPM and 230 Nm of torque between 1500 – 2500 RPM, the new engine is far more powerful than the outgoing model. Power is sent to the front wheels via a five speed manual transmission.

Prices for the new Volkswagen Polo start at Rs. 4.99 lakhs (ex-showroom price Delhi), however considering the heavy taxation rates across the country expect to pay a price well above the stated. The all new 1.5 L diesel Volkswagen Polo will start at INR 6.27 lakhs with the range topping variant available at INR 7.37 lakhs.

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