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2015 Volkswagen Passat Unveiled!

The Volkswagen Passat has always been a bit of an odd ball for the Indian market. With a price tag that rivals entry level cars from luxury car makers, the Passat was always be part of one of the toughest segments in the market. While the current gen Volkswagen Passat does offer a slew of features and oodles of space and comfort, the sedan lacked the brand image to take it to the top. With the first generation’s lackluster organic design, the car failed to look the part; A condition most buyers look for in a car this pricey. All this improved with the current generation.

Despite this However, Volkswagen is slowly building on its reputation as a company that produces more than just quality C segment cars. With the growing popularity of the Jetta and Polo GT, the German manufacturer is slowly climbing the ladder in the pricier segments of the market.

2015 volkswagen passat
The Next Gen VW Passat Has Been Unveiled for the Europe Market

The 2015 Volkswagen Passat was unveiled earlier this week for the European market. Building on the previous generation’s focus on build quality and features the new Passat seeks to be more of a premium offering than the outgoing model. With Volkswagen’s aggressive model release campaign still going strong, it is highly likely that the new sedan will make to Indian shores sooner rather than later.

vw passat front view
The Headlights Are Far More Striking To Look At in The Latest Passat

While the current gen model followed a rather understated design philosophy, the new Passat seeks to be a far more dominating character on the roads. As with most Volkswagen’s , the 2015 Passat is a sharply designed sedan that exudes an aura of class rivaling that of the Skoda Superb. The chunky headlights have given way to a far more sleeker set and the LED daytime running lights integrate perfectly with the thin strips of chrome along the front grille. The fog lamp enclosures have been spruced up with a chrome line that runs along the length of the lower bumper.

2015 volkswagen passat rear
Rear Two Third of the Next Generation Passat

The roofline takes a gentle dip to merge with the largely unchanged rear end. However, the plunging roofline may be a hindrance to tall passengers at the back. VW has more or less retained the overall shape of the current gen Passat’s tail lamps with minor tweaks made to the rear lamps’ dimensions. One of the most striking bits of the rear end are the integrated dual exhaust tips. Located on either side, the chrome lined exhausts bring to mind a sportier coupe which comes as no surprise considering the fact that the earliest Passat sketches indicated that a coupe version was in the works.

interior of 2015 passat
Interior of the Next Gen Passat

Interiors are typical of a Volkswagen with form following function. While one might argue that the interiors are quite dull, the interiors are one of the most ergonomic in its class. The combination of white and beige gives the new Passat an airy feel to it. With the dashboard and center console finished in black, the new interiors improve on the upmarket feel of the car’s exteriors. The center console features a fully loaded infotainment system that comes with a touchscreen display. The analogue clock that sits dead center of the dashboard is an excellent touch. One of the most interesting parts of the 2015 Passat’s interior are the A/C vents. The front A/C vents are directly integrated along the dash of the car so much so that the vents are almost indistinguishable. the premium quality plastics and leather finish is deserving of a car at this segment.

dashboard of volkswagen passat
Dashboard of the 2015 VW Passat

The new Passat will be offered in both petrol and diesel options. However, India might see only the  diesel variant arriving on the market. The range topping diesel unit is a 2.0 L four cylinder engine that produces a whopping 240 HP while the top of the line petrol mill is a 2.0 L TSI unit that churns out a massive 280 HP. While these specs are impressive, the India bound Passat is highly unlikely to sport such power under the hood. Volkswagen will most likely bring in the Passat with a detuned variant of the 2.0 L turbo diesel mill. While deliveries of the new Passat begin later this year for the European market, the German car maker is yet to make a call on the tentative launch dates for the Indian market.

Source: Images via Volkswagen

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