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2015 Smart For four: Small yet Pricey

Smart, a unit of Mercedes introduced the Smart For Two that was more of an expensive novelty than a car. This tiny yet powerful machine is still surviving because of Daimler’s stubbornness. Even after 16 years, the automaker has yet to boast of a Smart profit with 10k burbling sales per year.

However, the topic of discussion is the Smart for two that is the older brother of the Smart for Two. This car was born of the alliance with Renault. The car shares its skeleton with the Renault Twingo that happens to be a five-speed stick and carries a 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox with the Twingo.

Smart For Four:

Promoted as a car that is dog friendly, Smart seems to have no idea how many of the Smart for Four cars will sell. But, let’s hope Smart for four outperforms expected boundaries and tops the sales charts. Meanwhile, here is a review on the Smart for Four:

Engine and performance:

Power does come in a small package. The car has a Smartly packaged yet powerful engine that produces unlimited power. The Smart for four has an 90bhp producing 900 cc turbo engine as well as the naturally aspirated 69 bhp 1.0 liter engine. The vehicle has a rear-mounted engine and has a rear-wheel drive chassis that makes the Smart quite maneuverable. The best part about this car is that it can be parked even at real tight spaces and nips in and out of the busy urban traffic.


Interior, design and technology:


"Smart For Four"
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The new and second-generation For Four comes with a whole new look. This new and upgraded hatchback has many design features with small two-seats. There is a little resemblance to its predecessor. However, the new model sports new looks and such. Apart from the two-tone bodywork, the vehicle has a square headlamp design, strong shoulder line as well as a larger honeycomb grille. The all-new vehicle carries a more premium image with a neat design touches for the head and tail lamps. The vehicle comes in a choice of 9 body colors and has 3-grille colors to offer. It also has a safety cell that is visible on the rear of the car.

In terms of interiors, the car has gone through a complete overhaul. The vehicle sports a ‘floating’ touch screen infotainment system that is lifted from the Renault Twingo that dominates the dashboard on the Prime and Proxy models. The vehicle has textured fabrics and leather steering makes it look more premium.

Practicality, comfort and boot space:

In terms of the car’s interior space, the For Four is way behind competition. It has just 180 litres of boot space and feels small but the rear seats can be locked more up right that gives it a nice and rectangular look.

"Smart For Four"
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The car has more luggage room and since the rear seats in the ForFour folds completely flat, the vehicle has a maximum of 975 litres. Reversible cushions can be turned around and lowered which creates an additional 120mm of headroom, plus the front passenger seat folds fully flat allowing loads up to 2.2m long.

Reliability and Safety:

The new ForFour car shares almost no relation to its previous model. It sports has an all-new engine, new chassis and it is stunning overall. The vehicle has new tech and features including plenty of safety measures. It has crosswind assist that comes fitted as standard that moderates braking when the car encounters a strong gush of wind, while other features inclusive of a forward collision warning as well as a lane keeping assist are also included. The For Four’s suspension soaks up big bumps from manhole and drain covers, offering a nice, cushioned ride.


"Smart For Four"
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The turbo model of the ForFour delivers more performance and torque than its non-turbo powered sibling. For the less powerful version, you will have to rev the engine to make progress and work the gearbox to extract the most from the engine. It is definitely less refined on the cruise, although the five-speed manual gearbox is light and crisp. It somehow feels fairly long-geared that hampers around a little with the acceleration.

Bottom Line:

The For Four seems to be a car suited best for those who have owned Fortwo’s or for people with kids and seek more practicality. It could just easily be a bust, because this seems like history repeats itself.  Smart has been down this read before, and the remodeled Mutsubishi Colt that was launched way back in 2004 did not perform so well that it had to be terminated after 2 years.

However, let’s hold our judgmental horses for a while till the ForFour starts performing. It might either make a lucrative deal for Smart or backfire. Only time and customers will tell.

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