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2015 Indian motorcycles – Part II

8. Hero HX 250 R:

Hero Moto Corp is also set to transform its image in India and for a good reason. The HX 250 R was displayed at the Auto Expo and has got various bikers eagerly praying for the early launch of this bike. Hero had seriously messed up the (once famous) Karizma. However, to make up for that, Hero plans on making the HX 250 a hit among the 2015 Indian motorcycles.

The Bike is going to be developed in collaboration with ERIC Buell Racing. This is certainly not an Indian Hero that India has ever seen.

"2015 Hero HX250R"- 2015 Indian motorcycles
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Powered by a modest 249 cc single cylinder, all aluminium DOHC engine, the bike would have 31 Hp power. The HX 250 R will also have exciting features like Under seat exhaust, Fuel injection, liquid cooling and it will be mated to a 6-speed transmission.

The bike would do 0-60 kmps in 3 seconds. It would also come in an optional ABS version.


The HX 250 is expected to cost 1.5 lakhs for the non-ABS version. But, Hero has its hopes in this bike. Let’s hope it does well.


9. Hero Hastur:

This bikes looks too good to be true. Sadly, I keep thinking about the quote, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t”

"2015 Hero Hastur"- Indian motorcycles 2015
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The Hastur is one of the freakishly awesome looking bikes that would grab attention anywhere, everywhere. Sadly, this bike has less chances of being produced in India.

In my opinion, Hero should just suck it in and grow a pair and flaunt this beauty on Indian roads. If this wouldn’t be a success, I would lose faith in humanity.

The Hero Hastur has a futuristic design along with a short wheelbase complimented by stubby looks & is definitely the most stylish 2015 Indian motorcycles. To top it all, it has dual projectors. If this bike comes to India, here is what you can expect.


A 620 cc parallel twin engine with liquid cooling, 1 to 1 underbelly exhaust, Dual projector headlights and 70 hp power with 60 NM of torque, you can touch 200 kmph speed with this beauty.


Disturbingly, the Hastur is not going to be such an easy buy. If it is launched, the bike will cross the 4 lakh price mark. Let’s hope it’s a lakh or two cheaper 😛


10. Hero Zir:

Hero Moto Corp is paying attention to scooters as well. To advertise the new Scooter at Auto Expo 2014, Actor Ranveer Kapoor promoted the all new Zir. The 150 cc scooter comes in two variants, the flat floor board model as well as the European Style step-thru model.

"Hero ZIR"- Indian motorcycles 2015
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The ZIR is powered by a Liquid Cooled, 4 stroke 2 Valve OHC engine that produces the maximum power of 10.5 kW and torque of 12.7 Nm. The Dynamic Cooling Air System on the scooter provides apt temperature of the liquid coolant during long high speed rides.

The ZIR has European-Styled step seat, sporty front protection screen, dual projector lamps with day running lights, flower type disc plates, bright LED winkers and tail lamp, integrated pillion handle and a combo of digital – analog console. The ZIR also has a mobile phone charging socket and EFI system. The system will communicate with smart phone for all Engine / Riding information through Ride-Stat app. Although the app is being tested and isn’t fully functional, it should be out soon.

This is probably the only scooter in the list of 2015 Indian motorcycles.

11. TVS Draken- X21:

TVS had displayed an interesting concept during the 2014 Auto Expo. The company calls the Draken a ‘thoroughbred naked bike with aggression and attitude’.

"TVS Draken 2015"- 2015 Indian motorcycles
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The Draken is going to be a 250 cc powered short-stroke bike with liquid cooling that would put out around 39hp of power and 23Nm of torque. The engine will be mated to a 6-speed transmission along with ABS braking.

The Draken-X21 will also have aluminium trellis frame with mono suspension & can be called the sleekest looking model in the list of 2015 Indian motorcycles

"TVS Draken Specs"- Indian motorcycles 2015
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The TVS Draken might cost around 1.75 lakhs to 2 lakhs.


12. TVS Apache 250:

TVS motors also have plans into entering the 250 cc bike segment. The Apache 250 could share the Draken’s design and might have a few mechanical changes.

The Apache 250 might also get the Racing Throttle Response (RTR) branding like its younger siblings. You can expect an ABS version too.

"TVS Apache 250"- Indian motorcycles 2015
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Although, the engine indicated towards a 250 cc engine, the official specs are awaited. The price of the Apache 250 is expected to range between Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 1.30 lakhs.

Lets wait and see how much love this bike gets in the list of 2015 Indian motorcycles.

13.  TVS Victor:

Those good ole days in the early 2000’s when TVS Victors were famous and were the highest selling bikes in India had become a distant memory. However, things are going to change in 2015. The company has confirmed the arrival of the 2014/15 victor at a launch event of the Star City Plus.

"2015 TVS Victor"- 2015 Indian motorcycles
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Pacing up with new times, the company is most likely going to fit a new 125 cc engine on the new Victor. More power and style will surely make you a victor. With 125 cc single pot motor that would produce 11 bhp power and 11 Nm of torque, the bike should regain its title.


Expected to be launched during early/mid 2015, the new Victor should cost between Rs. 50,000 to Rs, 60,000/- & is one of the most economical motorcycle in the list of 2015 Indian motorcycles


14. TVS Graphite based scooter:

TVS has also given the scooter segment a new and fancy addition. The new asymmetrically designed stylish scooter was unveiled at the 2014 Auto Expo. It was named TVS Graphite and has been inspired by stealth military aircraft engineering. TVS says that ‘It’s (Graphite’s) class leading sports performance and handling is an upshot of the rich legacy of TVS Racing’.

"TVS Graphite Concept"- Indian motorcycles 2015
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The graphite would feature automated manual transmission technology (AMT) with paddle shift, inbuilt immobilizer, smart electronic keys and LCD console display.

"2015 Tvs Graphite"- 2015 Indian motorcycles
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The Graphite scooter should be priced at around Rs. 70,000/- & is one of the most advanced looking scooters in the list of 2015 Indian motorcycles

15. Yamaha R25:

Yamaha is quiet, but it has planned something big for 2015. It would be called as the most anticipated 2015 Indian motorcycles. The company has brought the new R25 bike that fits into the Quarter liter segment. With an aim to capture a huge chunk of India’s market, the company is aiming at creating a huge potential.

"Yamaha R25"
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The R25 is a twin cylinder variant that would touch the Rs. 3 lakh price margin. Yamaha enthusiasts have a new bike to look forward to this new year.

Hope you enjoyed this article?  Stay Tuned for more. 🙂

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