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2015 HONDA ACCORD – an overview

There was a time when the world was introduced to cars to carry people from one place to the other, and there was also a time when style started becoming constant. Among a mighty league of car manufacturers, is one such brand that is known for its presence in both, two and four wheeler segments. Honda, a Japanese automobile giant was  founded in December 1995. There is one such car that is considered a blend of Luxury and sportiness wrapped in a Sedan. Yes, the Honda Accord is on of the most sought after sedan cars that are available in most countries. This car directly competes with Toyota Camry and carries a long history (but I’ll try my best to keep it short, I promise ) History of Accord: The name itself grants power, status or recognition to its owner. It was considered a boring car in the United States of America; hopefully the all-new 2015 Accord would manage to run over that accusation.

[caption id="attachment_2627" align="aligncenter" width="559"]"Evolution of Honda Accord cars" Image Source:[/caption] 1976-2014 A journey of 38 years: Similar to our lives, the Accord has had its share of ups and downs. Lets accelerate through 38 years (approximately) with the Honda Accord. It stated off with the successful but diminutive Civic that was one of the most preferred cars in America, but that was replaced by the Accord that made an ever-lasting impression in America, the sales were pretty good right from the very beginning.  With more space, came greater power and more economy (America was facing fuel crisis) and more so hassle free parking. The Accord was initially available as a 2-door hatchback with comfortable seating and logical control/gauge placements as well as high quality switchgear. The car was known for its generous standard equipment list that included AM/FM stereo radio, rear defroster/ wiper/washer and remote hatch release. The Accord had a 1.6 liter four cylinder engine that had 68-horse power. During ’76 American V8’s were struggling with the 140 horsepower producing engines, Honda’s CVCC head design was produced that was not only clean, it also provided an efficient combustion. During 1978, an LX version of the Accord was launched that had lady luxury’s grace, the upholstery, air conditioning, digital clock were majorly responsible for the growth in the sales of the Accord cars. During 1979, the accord family saw a logical expansion phase that added a four-door sedan as the Toyota Corona’s major adversary. It was 9 inches longer than the opponent due to its three-body box style. The engine advanced to a 1.8 liter, 72 hp engines; there were a few more advancements such as oil cooler, power steering as well as a tachometer. Not many changes were incorporated in the year 1980, however the year 1981 was an exciting one for Honda. There was an introduction of the luxury trim level sedan called the SE, this was no ordinary sedan, this accord had style, and it was the babe on the roads. With uber chic features like leather seating, power windows, door locks, alloy wheels, a sound system with cassette deck, this was a way bigger deal than owning a super car now. Adding to the glory of Honda, the Accord was revamped in the year 1982 with a 3inch increase in its wheelbase and its length by 2 inches. The new version was more spacious and it provided more room space for rear seat passengers. The all new body and plush interiors were quite delightful and modish. The new 1.8-liter engine had increased hp (75) During 1982, Honda started producing Accord’s in the US, and by 1991 the Marysville Ohio plant produced over 3,50,000 cars for American Consumers. Improvements were a must and the Accord kept getting bigger and better, the year 1983 was when Honda accord was given a four-speed auto unit that replaced the three-speed unit. The second generation Honda Accord’s came to an end in the year 1985. But just before bidding farewell, a special four-door version was offered to celebrate its success, it was called the SE-i. This indicates the engine's induction was by fuel injection unlike the other Accords. This limited edition was one of a kind and generated a lot of interest. In 1986, Honda took a big leap with the newly introduced version that was built on a better theme than before, the wheel base was increased by 6 inches and the vehicle length was elongated by 3 more inches. The slender looks were given a major priority. The new accords were bigger and heavier than before and so, their engine’s had also evolved to 2 liters and managed to produce 98 HP with the DX and LX trims and 110 HP in the fuel-injected versions. That was exactly when; the new suspension named “wish bone” was added to the Accords to provide better handling and better comfort. There was a heated up battle between the family sedan producing cars in the US, especially Toyota and Honda and it was evident that race enthusiasts chose Honda ( the Toyota was termed as the poor man’s BMW ) With a few minor changes, the Honda Accords were introduced till 1989. But, 1990 was a revolutionary year for yet another breed of Accords. The all-new 1990 Accord underwent a major overhaul and it was bigger in size and quite powerful, terming this car the best selling car in America. This lasted for a period of 3 continuous years (1990-1992) Only sedans were available and the hatchbacks were completely out, the wheel base of the new cars were increased and measured a total of 107.1 inches, the accord had gained weight too, it was close to 3000 pounds. Styling was given equal importance and the car looked sportier than ever. Fuel injectors were standard and the engine also went through a major upgrade, the 2.2 liter engine had the power of 125 ponies in both the DX and LX versions and the EX version was as powerful as 130 horses. Auto transmission and electronic controls were added. In 1992, the accords were equipped with drivers side Airbags and got rid of the shoulder belts that were mandatory according to the government’s safety norms. Not many changes were incorporated in the years that followed, the engines were upgraded and so did the horsepower.
[caption id="attachment_2628" align="aligncenter" width="1500"]"Honda Accord Info graphic" Image Source:[/caption] ARRIVAL OF THE V6: During 1995, the first V6 engine powered Accords were rolled out and were made available in LX and EX Sedan variants. The new engine was adapted from the 1991 Acura legend and had 170 HP mated to a 4-speed auto transmission, the engine was quieter and smoother than the 4 cylinder versions. There were a few upscale features like the moon roof and CD deck added to the cars. Honda kept on increasing and the cars got bigger and better, the cars looked better, slender and more desirable every time. The new VTEC system was added to Honda cars with a 2.3 liter inline four engine that had 150 HP as well as the newly launched V6 version that had a 3 liter engine and produced 200 Hp. Owing to interior and exterior changes in the previous years, the 2002 Honda Accord had marked the fifth year of the generation cycle. Honda had introduced an SE trim level model which was available in a coupe format too, the audio systems were upgraded, the drivers sear and the power adjustments were improved, there was the introduction of the keyless entry too. The 2003 models had an exciting theme, which was much needed from Honda, and so, the Accord’s engines were more powerful and the design was just the thing to boost up its reputation. The new engines had V6 power and the 2.4-liter engine produced 160 hp whereas the 3-liter version produced 240 hp. There was an introduction of a five speed automatic and a 6 speed manual transmission. That was the exact year when the 3 models were made available again; the DX base model, LX (equipped) model and Luxury EX model which had all the top notch features such as; Heated leather seats, power passenger seat, dual-zone climate control, power moon roof and alloy wheels, there was also a navigation system (optional) During 2005, the Accord made a grand debut with a super high fuel efficiency goal, the V6 engine now produced 255 Hp and its performance was brisk and it could cover 0-60 in 7.5 seconds. The new Accord gave an average of 23.8 mpg which was disappointing as compared to the estimated 29 mpg (city) and 37 mpg (highway) the Honda had new looks, new tail lights and illuminated steering wheel controls, the front seat side airbags and head curtain air bags were added. Honda did not stop, it kept the tradition going, and the 2006 model had a few evident changes such as the revised front and rear fascias and new taillights. The sedan was now made available in 6 speed manual transmission, the suspension settings were revised and the car had 17-inch alloy wheels, the Air conditioning was revised and cruise control was added. The journey post 2008 had incorporated new design aesthetics in the new Honda Accord models, the size of the car got roomier and more powerful, keeping the fuel economy in sight, the styling was quite aggressive (it was adopted form the Acura TL) and it was quite desirable. The new 2.4 liter 177 hp producing engine was better than before, the EX model has a 190 hp producing engine and there was another model that produced 268 hp with a 3.5 liter engine. The 2009 model wasn't too different; the V6 engine produced 271 hp. There weren't many noticeable changes. But all of that is finally going to change with the all-new 2015 Honda Accord. THE ALL-NEW HONDA ACCORD (2015) The 2015 Honda Accord is going to be one of the best mid size sedans to hit the market. Being one of the most preferred Family sedan world wide, previous versions of the Accord have carried minimal complaints and owners have been happy with the performance. The all-new Accord is set to carry the same legacy ahead, it might also be one of the most competing and preferred cars in 2015. WHAT'S NEW?
[caption id="attachment_2624" align="aligncenter" width="640"]"The 2015 Honda Accord" Image Source:[/caption] The car looks almost like the previous version but new features have been added to make it more desirable. The interiors have been modified so well that they would definitely spoil the customer, even the dashboard has a complete new look and has high quality plastic additives. Being a Japanese by birth, this Honda car is going to have an abundance of technology, the all new climate control, Bluetooth enabled system, USB connectivity, rear view mirror cameras, collision warning, blind spot guidance, air bags as well as a dedicated monitor.With a little extra money, you could also fit in the "World Pandora" music, Digital photography assistance, high quality LED lights.
[caption id="attachment_2629" align="aligncenter" width="750"]"Plush Interiors of the new Honda Accord" Image Source:[/caption] ENGINE: The car will be available in a 2.4 litre variant that would generate 185 HP and for those who like to live life on the edge, there is a 3 liter V6 engine variant that produces 278 Bhp (if you are willing to pay that much)
[caption id="attachment_2626" align="aligncenter" width="615"]"The new and improved powerful Accord 2015 engine" Image Source:[/caption] LAUNCH & PRICE: The Honda Accord would strike the American market with a well thought out price ranging from $ 25,000 to $ 40,000. This car would compete directly with the upcoming Toyota Camry 2015. There is going to be a certain price difference between both. The Accord should launch by the 3rd quarter of 2014.
[caption id="attachment_2625" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]"First look of the Honda Accord 2015" Image Source:[/caption] BOTTOM LINE: Honda is one of the most trusted automobile brands world wide. The all new Accord is going to be better than ever and it is certain to attract buyers who like cars that can do more than just carry a person from one place to the other. Let's find out which of the two cars (Honda Accord and Toyota Camry) performs better.

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