Super Bowl Volkswagen commercial- an overview

If it is vehicle advertising, no other brand does it better than Volkswagen. German Engineering is at its finest and the commercials do their bit extremely well. Volkswagen has created a certain anticipatory level in the minds of its viewers. The expectations are obviously high, so are the critics and so, Volkswagen puts in its best to promote the brand differently.

Remember the voice generated newspaper ads? How about the aluminum newspaper from Volkswagen?
Volkswagen has always surprised its viewers with something new and revolutionary, so have the Super Bowl commercials. Being one of the most popular brands with different commercials, Volkswagen is definitely a pleaser.
Which of the following do you think is the best Super Bowl Volkswagen commercial?
Dog Strikes Back:

We aren’t the only ones conscious about our weight, this commercial from Volkswagen shows how conscious your canine gets when he misses his favorite car (VW beetle) whizzing by. However, with that entire extra doggie pound taking a toll on his belly, he gets a little upset. But the motivated dog does not give up, he starts working out, gathering motivation from various sources and finally loses all the fat. And finally when the car passes by, he runs easily through the pet door and follows the Beetle, ever so gallantly and with a lot of pride.
Then, starts part two of the Super Bowl Volkswagen commercial. The dog commercial is shown to be played at a bar in some other planet. One of the alien smirks at the commercial and says that this is better than the vader commercial and suddenly finds himself choking. Turns out that vader was watching him smirk.
Smartly portrayed commercials with a great connect. Watch these commercials and enjoy.
Sunny Side:

Strategy is what defines a smart advertisement.  Volkswagen has always given the public a very unique perspective through its mind boggling commercials. How about this smart strategy that Volkswagen adapted, Assemble a bunch of people together who have starred in viral ads and have them advertise the brand in a unique way.
That’s exactly what you’ll find in the “Sunny Side” Super Bowl Volkswagen commercial. This is a good old-fashioned sing-along leg by reggae legend Jimmy Cliff out the Partridge Family’s “Come on Get Happy” with a roster of recognizably sad and furious YouTube “stars,” including  eHarmony, cat lady, angry politician Phul Davison as well as Sad Packer Fan.
It’s got a nice tune to it that goes really well in synchronization with the visuals.
Black Beetle:

What would you associate the 21st century Volkswagen beetle with?
The following Super Bowl Volkswagen commercial is a teaser for the (then) forthcoming new 21st century beetle. What better way to promote a beetle with a beetle.
The insect world might seem tiny and redundant, but there is much more happening there than you can ever imagine. This commercial shows the black beetle racing, jumping and performing all sorts of stunts amid other insects; it paves a different way for itself. It lands at a spot in style, thereby introducing the all new VW beetle.
Simple and sensible teaser that goes literal, and sticks on to the point. Have a look.

Get in Get happy:

Mondays are the worst nightmares, especially if you are working in a corporate. Dull, plodding, run-of –the-mill Mondays can make you woozy, but if you have a car that changes the gloomy mood, you’d probably love your office.
This Super Bowl Volkswagen commercial shows an average American guy who seems to be excited even on a Monday, he talks in a Jamaican accent (referring to Jamaicans as chilled out and easy going people) and trying to calm everyone down. Even during a stressful meeting, he tries to lighten the atmosphere by offering the boss and colleagues the “Get in Get Happy” mantra. Soon after, the colleague (Asian guy) and the boss also develop the Jamaican accent after taking a ride in the new Beetle.
This Ad hinted towards a strong ignorance of stereotypes and many people found it offensive. The bottom line of this commercial was “Don’t worry, be happy” but, I guess most people don’t like to be happy, they like to get offended  with everything that they see.
Anyways, watch the commercial and be happy (not offended)
Punch Dub:

As kids, we all loved to find ways to punch and jab to our siblings (I still do :P)
This Super Bowl Volkswagen commercial takes a sweet, humorous and sensible route into advertising 13 different models and colors of the new Volkswagen sedan. This 2010 commercial is a cute and funny commercial that puts across the message quite well and shows that we all have kids in us, we all love games and we all love punching 😛
Have a look but try not to punch your sibling too hard 😉

Darth Vader:

Perhaps one of the best commercials from Volkswagen, this time the company went into the whole Star Wars mood and created a very unique commercial.
It shows a young guy dressed as Darth Vader (from star wars) trying to use the “force” in him to move house hold objects, wake up the dog, stop the washing machine, summon a sandwich. But after failed attempts, when his dad comes home, young Vader tries to start the car.
The car automatically starts leaving the young Vader stunned. The dad starts the car with the remote, leaving the young Vader baffled and excited. This was one of the best Super Bowl Volkswagen commercial
Don’t forget to watch and enjoy 🙂
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Super Bowl Volkswagen commercial

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